Can't Install TrueType Fonts in Control Panel

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When trying to install TrueType Fonts using the Windows 3.1 ControlPanel, you may find that the fonts will not install.
This may be caused by earlier or corrupt versions of the following files:
   VER.DLL         9008            03-10-92        3:10a   CONTROL.EXE     15872           03-10-92        3:10a   LZEXPAND DLL    9936            03-10-92        3:10a   MAIN.CPL        148560          03-10-92        3:10a   COMMDLG.DLL     89248           03-10-92        3:10a
The installation problem can also be caused by the incorrect versions ofthese files residing in the WINDOWS directory. CONTROL.EXE is the only filethat should be found in the WINDOWS directory. The rest of the files(VER.DLL, LZEXPAND.DLL, MAIN.CPL, and COMMDLG.DLL) should be located in theWINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
To resolve the problem:
  1. Exit Windows.
  2. Search the WINDOWS directory for the files mentioned above. Any files that appear other than CONTROL.EXE should be renamed or deleted.
  3. Search the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory for the files listed above. ALL versions of the files should be renamed or deleted. Some setup programs can incorrectly stamp the file's date when it is installed.
  4. Expand the files from the original Windows disks with the following command lines from the MS-DOS command prompt (you may have to adjust drive letters and/or paths to match your system):
    expand a:\control.ex_ c:\windows\control.exe expand a:\lzexpand.dl_
    c:\windows\system\lzexpand.dll expand a:\ver.dl_
    c:\windows\system\ver.dll expand a:\commdlg.dl_
    c:\windows\system\commdlg.dll expand a:\main.cp__
    The files can be found on the following disks:
       Filename               Disk Number   --------           1.44MB  1.2MB   720K                      ----------------------   VER.DLL            2       2       4   MAIN.CPL           4       5      10   COMMDLG.DLL        4       4      10   CONTROL.EXE        5       4       7   LZEXPAND.DLL       2       1       1
  5. Restart Windows and install the Fonts using Control Panel as normal.
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