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NetBIOS Applications and Windows for Workgroups

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Windows for Workgroups fully supports NetBIOS-based applications (such asLotus Notes). NetBIOS functionality within Windows for Workgroups isprovided by the NDIS NetBEUI protocol or transport.Novell NetWare offers NetBIOS support by using a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program called NETBIOS.EXE. To enable NetBIOS support underNovell NetWare, NETBIOS.EXE must be loaded.

NOTE: NETBIOS.EXE is not provided with Windows for Workgroups. If you havean earlier installation of NetWare on your machine, you should be able touse the NETBIOS.EXE TSR program available from that installation.
Using the Novell NETBIOS.EXE TSR program with Windows for Workgroupsrequires some manual modifications to your AUTOEXEC.BAT and SYSTEM.INIfiles. The following steps enable NETBIOS.EXE to support NetBIOS across theMSIPX transport.

NOTE: Make sure that NETBEUI is at LANA0. If you have IPX (Novell) atLANA0, MSD cannot recognize NETBIOS. Moving NETBEUI to LANA0 and IPX toLANA1 and using NET START NETBEUI enables MSD to recognize NETBIOS.

  1. Install the NetWare support in Windows for Workgroups. You can do this in the Network area in Control Panel.
  2. Edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and add C:\NETWARE\NETBIOS.EXE so that it is loaded after all the following network commands:
          net start               <-- WFWG command to initialize network               <-- WFWG NetWare IPX transport /ps=lanlord    <-- WFWG NetWare shell      login lanlord/jane      <-- WFWG NetWare login to NetWare server						
    Make sure that the NETBIOS.EXE TSR program is loaded before you start Windows.
  3. Edit your SYSTEM.INI file in your WINDOWS directory. In the [386Enh] section, add the line V86MODELANAS=0. Under the [NETWORK] section add the line EXCLUDE=0.
  4. Restart your machine.
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