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Some text fields are not displayed when you print a report to a PDF file in Microsoft Axapta 3.0

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When you print a report to an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file in Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta 3.0, some text fields are not displayed. If you print the same report to a printer, all text fields are printed. Also, all text fields are displayed in print preview.
This behavior is caused by the order of the fields in the report designer. The shape field that the program uses to display a frame sits under the fields that should be shown in this frame. The shape background is transparent. Therefore, when you print the report to a printer, this order has no effect. However, the PDF class may set a solid background. When you print the report to a PDF file, the shape is on an overlapping display layer.
To resolve this behavior, always put the shape on top of the fields that are in this shape frame.
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Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create a new report. Add a data source.
  2. Create a new report design.
  3. Create a new body section.
  4. Add two data source fields to the body section.
  5. Add a shape, and then set all line properties to Solid.
  6. Set the Width shape property to Column width.
  7. Set the Left shape property to Left edge.
If you print this report, the text fields are printed. However, if you print the report to a PDF file, the text fields are not displayed.

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