The "Install Components from" setting restricts the components that you can download in a Groove domain custom installation policy

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In a Groove domain custom installation policy, the Install Components from setting restricts the components that domain members who are running Groove Virtual Office 3.x or an earlier version of Groove can download.

Note These policies do not apply to domain members who are running Microsoft Office Groove 2007. Groove 2007 follows Microsoft Update settings.
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When you set the Install Components from setting to anything other than Anywhere, domain members can download the components only from the specified source.

When you set the setting to Nowhere, you disable the option to specify custom policies, and domain members cannot download the components from any source. Therefore, this setting restricts domain members to their existing set of components under all conditions.

When you set a permitted source, and a domain member tries to install a component from that source, Groove examines the Allow users to install setting to verify whether the component is permitted. Custom policy settings are hierarchical. More specific settings override more general settings. For example, a component name and version setting overrides a component name setting.

When you define a custom installation policy, notice the following points:
  • Policy settings have the following increasing order of precedence:
    • Component publisher that is based on the signer's digital fingerprint
    • Component name
    • Component version
  • Version settings use the version number to determine the order of precedence. For example, version 2.1.1 takes precedence over version 2.1, and version 2.5 takes precedence over version 2.1.1.
  • More restrictive settings, such as Prohibit, take precedence over less restrictive settings, such as Allow, when all other factors are equal.
For more information about restrictive settings, see the Domain Administrator's Guide that came with your version of the server.
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