List of bugs that are fixed in Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1

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Microsoft Visual Studio .NET version 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains fixes for many bugs that have been documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB). This article lists these KB articles.

The list contains links to articles about Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Forms, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft Visual J# .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and Microsoft Visual Studio for Devices.
This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles that describe bugs that are fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 SP1.

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Service packs are cumulative. Therefore, the bugs that are fixed in one service pack are also fixed in later service packs. Click the article number to view the article about that bug.

Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Forms

Article numberArticle title
822759FIX: The code in the InitializeComponent function is deleted when you change the enableViewState property value of a page in Visual Studio .NET
826432META tags move when you are designing an ASP.NET application
831649FIX: Web cache files are overwritten if you connect through Visual Studio .NET to multiple Web sites that use IP addresses or host headers that reside on the same server
832089FIX: "Check Out for Edit" dialog box appears when you try to view an ASP.NET Web form that has a DataGrid control in an HTML table
832714FIX: Visual Studio cannot open a Web site if a duplicate Web site exists
875511FIX: WebForm HTML code may incorrectly display when you switch from Design view to HTML view in Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Article numberArticle title
819543FIX: WebForms that have many controls take a long time to open in Visual Studio .NET 2002
822690FIX: Visual Basic .NET 2003 Task List displays false compiler errors
824089FIX: Visual Studio .NET 2003 stops responding when you build a solution that contains multiple projects
824495FIX: You receive a "MissingManifestResourceException" error message when you add a linked resource in Visual Studio .NET 2003
830788FIX: The IRR function in Visual Basic .NET 2003 returns results that are different from the results in Excel or Visual Basic 6.0
832460FIX: The Data Adapter Configuration Wizard does not work correctly when you use subqueries in Visual Studio .NET 2003
832534FIX: Members of a class may not appear in the Watch window or in the Locals window in Visual Studio .NET 2003
833387FIX: The Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard quits unexpectedly
834339BUG: Visual Studio .NET may stop responding if a project contains lots of .aspx, .asmx, and .xsd files
836154FIX: "System Error &Hc0000005&" error message when you create a new project by using a custom template in Visual Studio .NET 2003
838534FIX: Form icons are displayed as generic code module icons in the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE
884571FIX: You receive an error message when a Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 application makes a late-bound call to a remote object method
891516FIX: When Visual Basic .NET inherits an interface name from a class that has multiple inheritances and the interface has the same name, Visual Basic .NET does not generate code in Visual Studio .NET 2003
894392FIX: The overridden method in the inherited class does not appear in the Method Name box in Visual Basic .NET 2003
895950FIX: An access violation intermittently occurs when you build a large project at a command prompt in Visual Studio .NET 2003
898795FIX: The XML Schema Editor in Visual Studio .NET 2003 stops responding and you experience high CPU use
904380FIX: You may receive a "System.ArgumentException Only one WebServiceBinding attribute may be specified on type" error message when you run a Visual Basic .NET 2003 application that calls a Web service
909085FIX: The Visual Studio IDE crashes when you compile a large Visual Basic solution
829119FIX: The View in Browser command causes unnecessary builds that reduce productivity when you design .aspx pages in Visual Studio .NET

Microsoft Visual C# .NET

Article numberArticle title
823471FIX: A Windows Form icon appears as a Code icon in Solution Explorer in Visual Studio .NET 2003
823534FIX: Passing parameters in an anonymous JScript function causes misaligned function arguments in Visual Studio .NET 2003
823535The Telephony Application Service may stop, and you may hear a dial tone instead of the voice prompt that you expected in the .NET Framework 1.1
823536FIX: FunctionWrapper around the submit method does not work
824461FIX: Active script host stops responding in Pdm.dll
827695FIX: "Unspecified error" message when you set a breakpoint in the IDE
828877FIX: Visual Studio .NET 2003 quits unexpectedly when you debug a dump file that is larger than 500 MB
837892FIX: Evaluation of variables still occurs when you disable the "Allow property evaluation in variable windows" debugging option in Visual Studio .NET 2003
838470FIX: The IntelliSense feature for a Visual C# .NET project stops working in the Visual Studio .NET IDE
839476FIX: The IntelliSense feature stops working when you add rows to a table in Visual Studio .NET 2003
841767FIX: User controls on a Windows form reposition to the top of the screen in the Visual C# Form Designer
843370FIX: "Cannot copy assembly" error message during the build process after you use the Get Latest command to retrieve solution files from Visual SourceSafe
843552FIX: You receive a "fatal error CS0013" error message when you build a Visual C# project in Visual Studio .NET 2003
867770FIX: "Satellite assemblies could not be built because the main project output is missing" error message when you try to build a large Visual C# solution in Visual Studio .NET 2003
886680FIX: Remote SQL Server debugging does not work in Visual Studio .NET 2003 after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2
887818FIX: You may receive the "Cannot copy assembly" error message when you try to build a Visual C# .NET solution in Visual Studio .NET 2003
890636FIX: When you try to attach the debugger to a running application, the IDE stops responding in Visual Studio .NET 2003
891430FIX: IntelliSense does not correctly display some methods in nested public abstract classes in Visual C# .NET 2003
896416FIX: The IDE stops responding when you change a C# source file while a tool tip is open in Visual Studio .NET 2003
909086FIX: The Visual Studio IDE stops responding or crashes when you compile a Visual C# solution under the IDE debugger

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

Article numberArticle title
326459COleDateTime comparison asserts or returns incorrect value
327097BUG: Visual C++ .NET compiler generates two different native types for the same Boolean return type
818823FIX: The C++ compiler quits unexpectedly when you use a valid negative mov offset statement in inline assembly code in Visual Studio .NET 2003
821423FIX: Bug in the Vector header file causes applications that use <bool> specialization to quit unexpectedly
821711FIX: You receive a "C2352 illegal call of non-static member function" compiler error message when you compile a template declaration in Visual Studio .NET 2003
822551FIX: Wrong type definition appears in Visual Studio .NET debugger
823020Compiler-optimized code may cause loops to terminate early
823071FIX: The bool type does not marshal correctly from unmanaged code
823457FIX: The COleDateTime::SetDate method does not return an invalid status on an incorrect date in Visual C++ .NET 2003
823879FIX: Merge modules can only be installed in the application folder in a Setup project in Visual Studio .NET 2003
823903FIX: Controls lose the caption in the dialog editor
824580BUG: The Visual Studio .NET IDE stops responding when you edit source code
824647FIX: A debug assertion occurs when a Windows Forms control is hosted on an MFC form in Visual Studio .NET 2003
828100FIX: "The parameter is incorrect" error message when you open a file from a CD-ROM in a Visual C++ MFC application that was created in Visual Studio .NET 2003
828734Visual Studio .NET 2003 stops responding during the solution build process if you have Compuware DriverStudio installed
829131BUG: The $(ItemPath) macro resolves some path names incorrectly
829318FIX: Controls are lost when you open or you switch views in a Managed C++ Windows Forms project
830890Call to the ATL __unhook statement returns E_FAIL
831380FIX: A Visual C++ 2003 MFC application quits silently when the OnDraw function is used and optimization is turned on
831536FIX: Changes to a bitmap resource are lost when the bitmap location is moved to a different folder in a Visual C# .NET solution
831537The compiler may generate incorrect assembly code for templated classes that do not have a default constructor
831560FIX: IDE disappears when you are editing attributes
831588FIX: The "catch by" reference does not work with the copy constructor that is defined in your Visual C++ .NET 2003 application
831875FIX: Buffer overrun when you compile Visual C++ source code
831995FIX: You receive a "LNK2016" error message when you link to an application or a DLL that has many exports
832230FIX: The COleDateTime object returns an Invalid status for a valid date in an MFC application that was created by using Visual Studio .NET 2003
832904FIX: If you turn on optimization, your generated code may not be correct
833550FIX: The resource ID appears instead of the resource name for dialog resources after you check out a project from source control
834155FIX: The IDE quits unexpectedly when you move a folder from one project to another in Solution Explorer
834332FIX: You receive an "LNK1106: invalid file or disk full" error message when you build a project in Visual C++ .NET
834421FIX: You may receive results that are not correct when you perform mathematical computations that involve floating point arithmetic in Visual C++ .NET 2003
834830FIX: A function definition is added to the wrong .cpp file in Visual C++ .NET 2003
835289FIX: Incorrect code is generated when you do an __int64 type data comparison in the debug build of a Visual C++ .NET application in Visual Studio .NET 2003
835428MFC 7.1 cannot register some components in your MFC application if you specify a NULL external_name parameter
835516You receive a prompt to check out unnecessary files when you add a method to an interface in an MFC project that has ATL support in Visual Studio .NET 2003
836844FIX: You may experience a TypeLoadException exception when you use Managed Extensions for C++ to implement an interface that is defined in another assembly in Visual Studio .NET 2003
837421FIX: You receive an access violation in std::ios_base under low memory conditions
837437You receive a "C1060: out of heap space" error message when you compile a very large project by using the Visual C++ .NET 2003 compiler
837683FIX: The Implement Connection Point Wizard generates the wrong code for a custom event interface in Visual Studio .NET
837895FIX: An access violation occurs under low memory conditions in your Visual C++ .NET application
838190ActiveX controls may not be created during run time in a Visual C++ .NET 2003 application
838388FIX: The Format property of the DateTimePicker control reverts to Short Date in Visual Studio .NET 2003
839820BUG: The UP ARROW key does not work correctly when you use an ActiveX control together with grouped option buttons in an MFC form view
839821FIX: You receive an error C1001 error message when you compile a project that uses Standard Template Library code in Visual C++ .NET 2003
839998FIX: Error C2555 occurs when you compile code by using Visual C++ .NET 2003
840873The IntelliSense feature does not work for the IXMLDOMDocumentPtr smart pointer
840874FIX: Microsoft Foundation Class ActiveX control that is built with Visual C++ .NET 2003 cannot be used in Visual Fox Pro 6.0
840879FIX: Error C1001 is generated when you compile a throw statement in Visual Studio .NET 2003
841605FIX: You may experience unpredictable results when files that are larger than 4 GB are read in Visual C++ .NET 2003
841629FIX: The compiler does not call an overridden copy constructor in Visual C++ .NET 2003
841772FIX: The release build of a Visual C++ .NET 2003 application does not initialize arrays as they were defined
841816FIX: The Atl71.dll file causes a memory leak in the AtlAxWindowProc class in Visual Studio .NET 2003
842662FIX: You receive a "Wrong parameter" error message when you save a C++ header file in the German version of Visual Studio .NET 2003
842748FIX: The GetStatus function of the COleStreamFile object returns Invalid for valid data in Visual Studio .NET 2003
843148FIX: Dynamic initialization does not work as expected in Visual C++ .NET 2003
867638FIX: Shell operations that are processed by using DDE do not work as expected in the Microsoft Foundation Classes
872941FIX: You may experience inaccurate results when you compile a project in Visual Studio .NET 2003 with either the /Og or the /Ob2 flags for optimization and then try to perform floating-point operations
872945FIX: Managed C++ project compiler may return error messages in Visual Studio .NET 2003
873412FIX: A value that is not valid is returned when you select an option button by using an arrow key in a Visual C++ .NET 2003 MFC application
873416FIX: Byte values are not swapped correctly when you turn on the /Og code optimization option or the /O2 code optimization option in Visual C++ .NET 2003
873443FIX: Your IDE may stop responding when you try to display __based pointer member variable information in the Watch window in Visual C++ .NET 2003
883655FIX: You receive a "Fatal error C1204: compiler limit: internal structure overflow" error message when you compile a file that contains many classes, functions, variables, and namespaces in Visual C++ .NET 2003
883657FIX: The CDatabase::Connect method passes an incorrect buffer size to the SQLDriverConnect function in Visual Studio .NET 2003
884030FIX: A Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) program that was created in Visual Studio .NET 2003 unexpectedly quits when you try to close it
884031FIX: Your application may crash when you call the COleUILinkInfo::GetNextLink method in Visual Studio .NET
884879FIX: The Tab order does not work as you expect when an MFC dialog box contains an ActiveX control in Visual Studio .NET 2003
884888FIX: You receive the "fatal error C1509" error message when you compile a Microsoft Visual C++ application that contains a large function with exception handling enabled in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
887185FIX: Incorrect code is generated when you compile a Visual C++ .NET 2003 application that contains an inline method that accesses a static variable
888248FIX: It takes longer than expected to load an MFC program that was written in Visual Studio .NET 2003 or multiple copies of the Msvcr71.dll and Mfc71u.dll files are loaded into memory
888256FIX: Error message when you try to compile an application that is built by using Visual C++ .NET 2003: "Internal compiler error"
889095FIX: An MFC application stops running when a thread deadlock condition occurs in Visual Studio .NET 2003
890940FIX: The strupr function may not convert strings to uppercase in Visual Studio .NET 2003
892086FIX: Application leaks a handle when you call the CRT _popen function in Visual C++ .NET 2003
893755FIX: All the resource files are rebuilt when you rebuild a Visual C++ .NET 2003 project in Visual Studio .NET 2003
894084FIX: Files that are pasted in Windows Explorer may contain the same data when you have multiple file streams in an MFC-based application that was written in Visual C++ .NET
894797FIX: The Gdiplus.dll file is not updated as expected when you install a Visual Studio .NET 2003 project on a computer that is running Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98, or Windows 95
895188FIX: The focus of an ActiveX control in a group box may unexpectedly move to another group box in the dialog box of an MFC application that you develop in Visual C++ .NET 2003
899345FIX: Error message when a string parameter contains Japanese characters in Visual Studio .NET 2003: "[fatal error C1001: Internal compiler error]"
900410FIX: You may receive an "Optimization failed" error message when you build a C++ application that uses the <= logical operator in Visual Studio .NET 2003
900811FIX: The resulting application generates incorrect calculation results when you use Visual Studio .NET 2003 to build a Visual C++ project that performs calculations
900925FIX: An access violation may occur when you try to read a .pdb file by using the Debug Interface Access SDK that is included with Visual Studio .NET 2003
901374FIX: A form may take a long time to open when the form contains lots of controls in the Visual C++ .NET 2003 designer
902338FIX: A Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) application that you create in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and that uses the CStringArray class and the CStringData class may unexpectedly close
903075FIX: An additional line appears at the start of the message body when you build MFC ISAPI extensions in Visual Studio .NET 2003
907989FIX: A form that contains lots of controls or member variables takes a long time to load and you receive an error message when you try to open the form in Design view in Visual Studio .NET 2003
908959FIX: You receive an error message when you use the Bscmake.exe utility to create a browse information file in Visual Studio .NET 2003
909141FIX: You may receive an error message when you try to run an application that is built on the ATL framework on Windows 2000 or on an earlier version

Microsoft Visual J# .NET

Article numberArticle title
830297FIX: You receive a "System.IO.IOException, 'The handle is invalid'" error message when you use both Visual J# .NET and Visual C# .NET to access the stdout output stream in the same process
890949FIX: When you use the StringTokenizer.countTokens() method, application performance may decrease in Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package 1.1
891863FIX: When you use the java.util.HashMap class to insert a key with the Int32.MinValue hash code into an array, a System.IndexOutOfRangeException exception occurs in a Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package 1.1-based application

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Article numberArticle title
818452BUG: The project dependencies in your Enterprise Template project are not saved in Visual Studio .NET 2003
819761FIX: Visual SourceSafe checks in files that you have not selected
822726FIX: A solution that contains more than 100 Enterprise Template projects does not save updates correctly.
829970"ALINK: Error AL1022: Error reading embedded resource" error message when you build a project in Visual Studio .NET 2003
830339FIX: The Open dialog box stops responding when you try to view a file that is under ClearCase version control in Visual Studio .NET 2003
830968FIX: You may receive a "'VsRptDesigner Package' has failed to load properly" error when you open Visual Studio .NET 2003 with a mandatory roaming profile
832905A large solution takes a long time to load in Visual Studio .NET 2003
833772Visual Studio .NET stops responding when you try to access IntelliSense information for a strong-typed dataset
836454FIX: You cannot check for updates in Visual Studio .NET
837524New language services override language services that have the same file name extensions in Visual Studio .NET 2003
839582FIX: You may receive an "Unspecified error" error message when you close a solution that uses Rational ClearCase as the SCC provider in Visual Studio .NET 2003
842172Visual Studio Analyzer does not always receive DCOM events in Visual Studio .NET 2003
873447FIX: The COlePropertyPage:OnObjectsChanged method may call itself infinitely when the UpdateData(TRUE) function is called in the OnObjectsChanged event of an ActiveX control in the Visual C++ .NET 2003 Resource Editor
875516FIX: The IBM Rational ClearCase remote view may cause file corruption in Visual Studio .NET 2003
892237FIX: Visual Studio .NET 2003 may not detect that a file was modified by an external application
903887FIX: The IDE may unexpectedly close or crash when you try to copy an error message from the Task List window in Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio for Devices

Article numberArticle title
829801FIX: References in Smart Device projects do not work in team development
841412The SQL Database Adapter Wizard generates incorrect stored procedure code for tables that contain user-defined data types in Visual Studio .NET 2003
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824684 Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates

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