Error message when you run a macro to search for a file in an Office 2007 program: "Run-time error 5111"

You run a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro in a Microsoft Office 2007 program to search for a file on your computer. When you do this, you may receive the following VBA error message:
"Run-time error 5111
The command is not available on this platform"
This issue occurs when you have 2007 Office programs installed on a Microsoft Windows XP computer, and the VBA macro uses the Application.FileSearch object. This object is no longer supported in 2007 Office programs.
To work around this issue, use the FileSystemObject object to recursively search directories and to find specific files. See the sample code that is provided in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
185601 How to recursively search directories by using filesystemobject
An alternative solution might be to script the Windows Desktop Search. For more information about this feature, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
PPT2007 PowerPoint2007 XL2007 Excel2007 WD2007 Word2007 Office2007 OFF2007 Office 2007

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