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Error message when you try to start an application in Microsoft SoftGrid: "Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx44-00000020"

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When you try to start an application in Microsoft SoftGrid, you receive the following error message:
The SoftGrid Client could not launch the application you requested.
A SCRIPT element in this OSD file is missing an executable. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.
Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx44-00000020
Additionally, the following error message is logged in the SoftGrid Client log file (Sftlog.txt):
The SoftGrid Client could not parse the OSD file '{path}\{filename}.osd'
Reason: Invalid script in file (rc xxxxxx04-00000020)
The app manager could not create an application from '{path}\{filename}.osd' (rc xxxxxx44-00000020).
This problem may occur when the script tags in the .osd file do not contain data. Specifically, the problem may occur if the HREF or SCRIPTBODY child element of the SCRIPT element does not contain data as shown in the following example.
To resolve this problem, edit the .OSD file, and then add the appropriate script. Or, remove the script elements completely.
  1. Use a text editor to open the .osd file.
  2. Review the <SCRIPT> element for the <HREF> or <SCRIPTBODY> element.
  3. If a script will be added, type the script in the <HREF> element or in the <SCRIPTBODY> element.
  4. If a script will not be added, remove everything between the <SCRIPT> tag and the </SCRIPT> tag.
  5. Save the .osd file, and then exit the text editor.

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