Error message when you try to start a SoftGrid application: "Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx0A-00008009"

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When you try to start a Microsoft SoftGrid application, you receive the following error message:
The SoftGrid Client could not launch application name.
The SoftGrid Client received an invalid response from the Server. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, please report the following error code to your System Administrator.
Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx0A-00008009
This problem occurs if the HREF attribute of the CODEBASE element in the .osd file contains a space.
To resolve this problem, use a text editor to modify the .osd file. Replace the space with %20.

  • If the .sft file that is specified in the .osd file exists in the Softricity SFTs subdirectory of the Content directory, edit the .osd file as follows:

    HREF="rtsp://server name:554/Softricity SFTs/DefaultApp.sft"
    HREF="rtsp://server name:554/Softricity%20SFTs/DefaultApp.sft"
  • If the .osd file for the application that you try to start contains the ?Customer value and the Anonymous Users Provider Policy name, edit the .osd file as follows:

    HREF="rtsp://server name:554/DefaultApp.sft?Customer=Anonymous Users"
    HREF="rtsp://server name:554/DefaultApp.sft?Customer=Anonymous%20Users"

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