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Internet Explorer 7 closes immediately when you start Internet Explorer 7

When you start Windows Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 7 closes immediately. When an application uses the Internet Explorer Web browser control, the application closes immediately.

Additionally, you may receive the following error message when you start Internet Explorer 7 or when you start the application that uses the Internet Explorer Web browser control:
The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL.
This problem may occur if the PSAPI.dll file is registered incorrectly.
To resolve this problem, remove or rename all the instances of the PSAPI.dll file that are located in the folder for the application that closes. The PSAPI.dll file is a component that is not redistributable. The PSAPI.dll file must only be located in the Windows folder or in the Windows\System32 folder.

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Windows Internet Explorer 7

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