Description of Service Pack 1 for Accounting Professional 2007 and for Accounting Express 2007

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Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 provides the latest updates for Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 and for Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007. This service pack contains significant usability enhancements and stability improvements.
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Service pack details

List of issues that the service pack fixes

For more information about the issues that this service pack fixes and the features this service pack adds, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
934431 Description of the issues that are fixed and the features that are added in Service Pack 1 for Accounting Professional 2007 and for Accounting Express 2007

Installation details

How to obtain and install the service pack

The client and administrative service packs are now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. The installation instructions and deployment strategies for these service packs are also now available. To download these files, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

How to determine whether the service pack is installed

This service pack contains files that have the version numbers that are listed in the following table.
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTime
default.db Not applicable04-Mar-20079:02
SBAHelp.chm Not applicable1,853,601 01-Mar-200722:02
Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.SBA.Interop.Owc11.dll Not applicable468,408 03-Mar-200710:09
dao.dll Not applicable71,09603-Mar-200710:07
SBA.MsHtmHstInterop.dll Not applicable28,088 03-Mar-200710:07
SBA.exe 2.0.7503.0512,392 03-Mar-200710:05
msfdpb.dll 2.0.7503.0463,288 03-Mar-200710:05
MigrationInterface.dll 2.0.7503.018,360 03-Mar-200710:06
SBAReportingEnUS.dll 2.0.7503.015,800 03-Mar-200710:06
SBAComponents.dll 2.0.7503.014,776 03-Mar-200710:06
SBACryptoServices.dll 2.0.7503.019,384 03-Mar-200710:06
NameParser.dll 2.0.7503.021,432 03-Mar-200710:06
AddressParser.dll 2.0.7503.021,432 03-Mar-200710:06
PayrollIntegrator.exe 2.0.7503.026,024 03-Mar-200710:07
SBAAPIProxy.dll 2.0.7503.024,504 03-Mar-200710:07
Microsoft.BusinessSolutions.PayrollCalculator.Common.dll 2.0.7503.029,624 03-Mar-200710:07
SbaSmartDoc.dll 2.0.7503.046,520 03-Mar-200710:07
ExecuteRestricted.exe 2.0.7503.050,568 03-Mar-200710:07
SBAHost.exe 2.0.7503.050,568 03-Mar-200710:07
SBASQM.dll 2.0.7503.062,904 03-Mar-200710:07
sbaprint.dll 2.0.7503.062,392 03-Mar-200710:07
SBAAPIENUS.dll 2.0.7503.067,000 03-Mar-200710:07
SbaWatson.dll 2.0.7503.063,928 03-Mar-200710:07
ImportExport.dll 2.0.7503.067,000 03-Mar-200710:07
SBAPAYROLL.dll 2.0.7503.091,576 03-Mar-200710:07
OFXDriver.dll 2.0.7503.0107,960 03-Mar-200710:07
SBASpreadsheetML.dll 2.0.7503.0120,248 03-Mar-200710:08
SBAMasterDataWriter.dll 2.0.7503.0128,440 03-Mar-200710:08
OFXObjects.dll 2.0.7503.0133,048 03-Mar-200710:08
AnalysisTools.exe 2.0.7503.0140,712 03-Mar-200710:08
DataMigration.dll 2.0.7503.0144,824 03-Mar-200710:08
SBAECOMM.dll 2.0.7503.0165,304 03-Mar-200710:08
MSIDCRL.Managed.dll 2.0.7503.0214,456 03-Mar-200710:08
Microsoft.SBA.OfficeLive.dll 2.0.7503.0239,032 03-Mar-200710:08
SBAAccountantHost.exe 2.0.7503.0296,360 03-Mar-200710:08
sbauienus.dll 2.0.7503.0300,472 03-Mar-200710:08
MoneyMigrationWrapper.dll 2.0.7503.0384,952 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAUIUpgradeResourcesEnUS.dll 2.0.7503.0497,080 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAReporting.dll 2.0.7503.01,041,848 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAResources.dll 2.0.7503.01,488,312 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAAPI.dll 2.0.7503.05,342,648 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAReportingBitmap.dll 2.0.7503.06,428,088 03-Mar-200710:09
DbUpgradeResources.dll 2.0.7503.013,870,520 03-Mar-200710:09
SBAUI.dll 2.0.7503.016,803,256 03-Mar-200710:09
You do not have to install this service pack if you have a later version of the files that are listed in this table.

Note If you are using Microsoft Dynamics – Point of Sale 2.0, the POS computers must be upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics - Point of Sale 2.0 Service Pack 1. The POS computers must be upgraded before you begin installing Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007 Service Pack 1.

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Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007, Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007

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