Description of the update rollup for the Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment 2007

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Microsoft has released an update rollup for the Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007. The update rollup supports Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP Professional. The update includes all updates to BDD 2007 since the release version of January 2007.

Issues that are fixed in the update rollup

The following issues are fixed by the update rollup. These issues were not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article.
  • When you try to use BDD 2007 to back up a computer, the backup is not saved to the hard disk. This problem may occur if the ComputerBackupLocation line is not set to a value in the CustomSettings.ini file. By default, this line is blank.
  • When you use the BDD 2007 Workbench to package hotfixes and updates for deployment to computers on the network, not every hotfix is installed.
  • When you use BDD 2007 in a 64-bit operating system to configure a 32-bit deployment point, the 64-bit versions of some files are copied to the deployment point.
  • After you download a Windows Vista security update from the Microsoft Web site, you cannot import the update to the BDD 2007 Workbench. This issue occurs because the BDD 2007 Workbench cannot import .msu files. To work around this issue, extract the .cab file from the .msu file. For more information about how to extract the CAB file from the MSU file, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    928636 You cannot extract the contents of a Microsoft Update Standalone Package for Windows Vista
  • After you add a program from the 2007 Microsoft Office system to BSD 2007 as an application, the program does not install only the cache when you try to perform a cache-only installation.
  • The BDD 2007 Workbench does not add all the drivers that are listed in a comma-separated string when you try to install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). Additionally, the BDD 2007 Workbench may install only the driver for 64-bit versions of Windows XP with SP2.
  • You cannot specify a configuration file to use with BDD 2007. The update rollup enables a new parameter in BDD 2007 that lets you specify an XML configuration file. The configuration file describes the settings that the Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) should migrate and the settings that USMT should not migrate.
  • In BDD 2007, you can add CaptureGroups=ALL to the CustomSettings.ini file. This setting migrates all security group memberships in an existing operating system to a new operating system. However, when you do this, no group members are captured or restored. Additionally, you receive the following error message:
    ZTI ERROR - Unhandled error returned by ZTIGroups: (-2147463168)
  • If the case of a directory name is changed when the contents of a shared distribution resource are restored, the BDD 2007 Workbench creates duplicate entries in the Operating Systems list. For example, if you back up the Windows Vista directory, and then you restore the directory as WINDOWS VISTA, the BDD 2007 Workbench lists "Windows Vista" and "WINDOWS VISTA" as two operating systems.
  • When you use BDD 2007 together with USMT 3.0 to restore a user state, the files and folders are restored to the original locations instead of to the new locations. Also, invalid shortcuts are migrated. This issue occurs because all data in the store is migrated if you do not specify any files on the LoadState command line. Migration rules that you specify on the ScanState command line in an .xml file do not apply.
  • When you use the BDD 2007 Workbench to create an ISO image, hidden files are not included in the ISO image.
  • When you create an $OEM$ folder at the top level of a directory structure, the directory structure is not copied to a network or to a media deployment point. For example, this issue occurs if you create a directory structure that resembles the following:
  • When you try to download the following programs, you receive an error message:
    • USMT 3.0 (x86)
    • USMT 3.0 (X64)
    • KMS Management Pack for MOM 2005
    This error occurs if USMT 3.0.1 is not available in the list of components. Additionally, BDD 2007 cannot install USMT 3.0.1 because the installer executable names have changed, and the installation directory has changed.

    When you try to download the following programs, the programs are downloaded and copied. However, they do not move to the Downloaded list in the Components area.
    • Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
    • Windows Vista Hardware Assessment
  • After you disable a Windows Vista update in the BDD 2007 Workbench, the disabled update is installed during deployment.
  • When you specify a subfolder of a network shared folder as the location to save the BitLocker external key, the key cannot be saved. You can save the key only to the network shared folder itself.
  • When you run a backup from an SMS Operating System Deployment Feature Pack (OSD) update, files are not excluded from the backup as expected.This issue occurs because the Wimscript.ini template file uses drive letters to exclude folders. For example, the Wimscript.ini template file may exclude C:\Windows.old. However, if the Windows.old file is on a drive other than C:, the file is not excluded.
  • If the UNC path of the ImageX.exe utility contains a space, a ZTIBackup script cannot build a command line to run ImageX.exe. ImageX.exe is used to perform a full volume backup during deployment.
  • The Lite Touch Installation (LTI) wizard cannot start if the network share name of the deployment point contains a space.
  • ZTIUtility cannot locate a file when you use it together with a custom .ini file to look up information in a database.
  • When you use the Remote Installation Services (RIS) to start a flat Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) image as part of an SMS 2003 OSD deployment of Windows Vista where drivers need to be injected by BDD 2007 Zero Touch Installation, the drivers are not injected successfully, with the BDD_PkgMgr.log file recording 800F0233 errors. This issue occurs because the Package Manager tool (Pkgmgr.exe) cannot find the Userprofile environment variable, since it is not defined in Windows PE. As a result, it attempts to create temporary files in the RIS Reminst share, which it may not have permission to do
  • By default, the C:\Drivers folder is included in an image when you use BDD 2007 to capture the image. When you use Windows Vista Setup to install the image, the C:\Drivers folder is moved to the C:\Windows.old folder. Therefore, the driver files that are required for the computer are not available to the Windows Vista Setup program.
  • When you try to use the CustomSettings.ini file to set the BDERecoveryPassword option, the recovery password is not created. This behavior may occur if you skip pages in the BitLocker wizard. This behavior occurs because the BDERecoveryPassword property is not defined in the ZTIGather.xml file. Therefore, the CustomSettings.ini value is ignored.
  • When you try to use the BDD 2007 Workbench to add a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) custom image, the WDS custom image is not added.
  • When you try to use the Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE) to deploy the WDSServer service property from Windows Deployment Services, the property is not set correctly.
  • When drivers for a single device are present both in BDD 2007 for 64-bit operating systems and in BDD 2007 for 32-bit operating systems, both drivers may not be copied to the computer.
More information
The following files are available for download from the MicrosoftDownload Center:

DownloadDownload the BDD2007_x86_Patch1.msp package now.

DownloadDownload the BDD2007_x64_Patch1.msp package now.

For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
119591 How to obtain Microsoft support files from online services
Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.While installing Patch 1, use the REINSTALLMODE=as command-line option to update the scripts. Customized scripts are not updated if Patch 1 is not installed without using the following command-line options:
msiexec /update BDD2007_platform_Patch1.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=as /quiet
Note In this command, platform is x86 or x64, depending on the architecture of the BDD RTM that is installed.

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