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Support policy for third-party applications that run in an App-V (SoftGrid) environment

This article covers the Microsoft support policy for 3rd party applications that are running in an Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) environment.

Microsoft Application Virtualization is an application virtualization and dynamic delivery platform. This platform performs the following functions:

• It abstracts the program dependencies from the operating system.
• It delivers the program dependencies in an on-demand manner.
• It runs the application dependencies in a protected environment that leaves the operating system in an unchanged state.
These capabilities significantly reduce program conflicts that might occur between locally installed or virtualized programs.

Microsoft will provide commercially reasonable efforts to investigate issues when you run third-party applications in an App-V (Softgrid) environment. As part of that investigation, we may require that you reproduce an issue independently from the App-V (Softgrid) environment. If the issue is determined to be related to the third-party application, you must contact the third-party vendor for more information about how to resolve the issue.

Applications which use Proprietary Software Protection

This includes applications with licensing enforcement tied to hardware or database files.  In addition, many applications which rely on licensing technologies and software protection platforms will either have problems, may not work, will work with required custom processes to sequencing, or require specialized virtualization handlers. These include FlexNet, Macrovision, as well as any licensing schemes tied to hardware. App-V is not designed to circumvent or bypass software protection.


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