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A cube is not modified when you process the cube by using the ProcessDefault option in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

When you process a cube by using the ProcessDefault option in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS), the cube is not modified.
This problem occurs because SSAS discards the ProcessDefault option on cubes.
To work around this problem, use the ProcessDefault option to process each measure group of the cube. The following Analysis Management Objects (AMO) script shows an example of how to do this. You can run this AMO script in a Script task in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
Imports SystemImports System.DataImports System.MathImports Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.RuntimeImports Microsoft.AnalysisServicesPublic Class ScriptMain    Public Sub Main()        Dim taskResult As Integer        Dim server As New Server        Dim db As Database        Dim cube As Cube        Dim measuregroup As MeasureGroup        ' Set by default the task result to a failure        taskResult = Dts.Results.Failure        Try            ' Connect to SSAS Server            server.Connect("ServerName")            ' Find the specified DB            db = server.Databases("DatabaseName")            ' Find the specified Cube            cube = db.Cubes("CubeName")            ' For each MG of the cube, do a ProcessDefault            For Each measuregroup In cube.MeasureGroups                measuregroup.Process(ProcessType.ProcessDefault)            Next            ' Now the task can be considered as sucessfull            taskResult = Dts.Results.Success        Finally            If server.Connected Then server.Disconnect()        End Try        Dts.TaskResult = taskResult    End SubEnd Class
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
For more information about the ProcessDefault option, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

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