Description of the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client update package: January 3, 2007

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This article describes the issues that are fixed in the Windows-based Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client update package that is dated December 17, 2007.
This article describes the following items about the update package:
  • The issues that the update package fixes.
  • The prerequisites for installing the update package.
  • Whether you must restart the computer after you install the update package.
  • Whether the update package is replaced by any other update package.
  • Whether you must make any registry changes.
  • The files that the update package contains.
This article describes the Windows-based Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client update package that was released on January 3, 2007. This update package brings the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client to version 8.0.6362.39.

Issues that the update package fixes

This update package fixes the following issues:
943003 The video pane in Live Meeting 2007 does not display the video when you try to connect to a video
943005 Error message when you use Live Meeting 2007 to connect to a meeting: "Server Error"
943009 The download operation takes a long time when attendees try to download content by using Live Meeting 2007
946094 The Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client stops responding when you use annotation tools that change the mouse pointer
946096 You cannot use the user principal name (UPN) to connect the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client to a meeting that is hosted by Communications Server 2007
946097 The Live Meeting 2007 client program stops responding when you play back a recording that requires a download
946099 The Live Meeting 2007 client stops responding and encounters an access violation when you use annotations
946145 You must enter an E.164-compliant telephone number in the "Enter a phone number" dialog box for audio integration to make a call in Live Meeting 2007
946093 An access violation error occurs when you use the Live Meeting console to try to upload a document to Communications Server 2007 or to the Live Meeting 2007 service
946101 Incorrect text appears in the "Communicating with Server - Microsoft Office Live Meeting" dialog box in the Live Meeting 2007 client program if the language is set to Dutch
946103 A Meeting Poll report does not appear when the meeting language is set to Danish, Finnish, or Portuguese (Brazil) in Live Meeting 2007
946105 Heading text that appears in the Uninstall Wizard incorrectly wraps to a second line in Live Meeting 2007 if the language is set to Japanese
946109 When you enter an unsupported number in the "People per room" box or in the "Room" box in Live Meeting 2007, you receive an error message whose title column is translated incorrectly
946110 In Live Meeting 2007, some unexpected signs or strings appear in the "Country/Region" list in the "Edit telephone number" dialog box
946141 In Live Meeting 2007, there is no PLUS SIGN (+) in front of a country name or in front of a region name in the "Country/Region" list
946142 The registered trademark symbol is missing from Microsoft® Office Live Meeting when you open the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client

Update information

To download the update, visit the following Microsoft Office Online Web site:


There are no prerequisites for installing this update.

Restart information

You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this update.

Replacement information

This update replaces version 8.0.6362.39 of the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client. This article has been replaced with the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
947881 Description of the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client update package: January 22, 2008

Registry information

To use one of the updates in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.

File information

This update may not contain all the files that you must have to fully update a product to the latest build. This update contains only the files that you must have to correct the issues that are listed in this article.

The global version of this update uses a Microsoft Windows Installer package to install the update. The dates and the times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the following table. When you view the file information, the date is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Asrecprofile.prxNot Applicable3,83021-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Bgpubmgr.exe.histNot Applicable4,17503-Jan-200800:04Not Applicable
Bgpubres.dll.histNot Applicable4,17503-Jan-200800:06Not Applicable
Descriptor.xmlNot Applicable1,22403-Jan-200803:25Not Applicable
Difxapp.wixlibNot Applicable2,88421-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Importutil.dll.histNot Applicable4,18903-Jan-200800:07Not Applicable
Installerbanner.bmpNot Applicable103,00421-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Lm8icon.icoNot Applicable24,44621-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Lm8_product_icon.pngNot Applicable76521-Oct-200701:30Not Applicable
Lm8_product_icon_large.pngNot Applicable1,94421-Oct-200701:30Not Applicable
Lmasrecord.dll.histNot Applicable4,18903-Jan-200800:03Not Applicable
Lmclientrecord.dll.histNot Applicable4,21703-Jan-200800:03Not Applicable
Lmconsole.msiNot Applicable15,501,82403-Jan-200803:33Not Applicable
Lmdigraph8.dll.histNot Applicable4,91303-Jan-200800:07Not Applicable
Lmdimon8.dll.histNot Applicable4,88403-Jan-200800:03Not Applicable
Lmdippr8.dll.histNot Applicable4,88403-Jan-200800:06Not Applicable
Lmdires.dll.histNot Applicable4,31503-Jan-200800:03Not Applicable
Lmdiui8.dll.histNot Applicable4,87303-Jan-200800:07Not Applicable
Lmpptview.dll.histNot Applicable4,47703-Jan-200800:03Not Applicable
Lmrecmgr.icoNot Applicable2,86221-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Playback.jsNot Applicable735,65702-Jan-200823:33Not Applicable
Playback.msiNot Applicable319,48803-Jan-200803:33Not Applicable
Playback.msmNot Applicable306,68803-Jan-200803:33Not Applicable
Playbackversion.wxiNot Applicable28303-Jan-200803:25Not Applicable
Pubutil.dll.histNot Applicable4,59303-Jan-200800:04Not Applicable
Pwconsole.exe.histNot Applicable4,61103-Jan-200800:06Not Applicable
Pwresources.dll.histNot Applicable4,19603-Jan-200800:07Not Applicable
Rtcrouter.dll.histNot Applicable4,61103-Jan-200800:07Not Applicable
Scdec.cabNot Applicable90,12603-Jan-200803:34Not Applicable
Ssrplaybackver.cmdNot Applicable8403-Jan-200803:25Not Applicable
Transcoderprofile.prxNot Applicable7,20221-Oct-200701:31Not Applicable
Lmconsole_da_dk.mstNot Applicable77,82403-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_de_de.mstNot Applicable87,04003-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_es_es.mstNot Applicable82,94403-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_fi_fi.mstNot Applicable74,75203-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_fr_fr.mstNot Applicable85,50403-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_it_it.mstNot Applicable83,96803-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_ja_jp.mstNot Applicable78,33603-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_ko_kr.mstNot Applicable69,63203-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_nl_nl.mstNot Applicable83,45603-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_pt_br.mstNot Applicable78,33603-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_sv_se.mstNot Applicable75,26403-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_zh_cn.mstNot Applicable53,24803-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Lmconsole_zh_tw.mstNot Applicable54,78403-Jan-200803:42Not Applicable
Additional notes
  • For more information about how to install this update, see the Readme.txt file that is included in the update package.
  • For more information about software update terminology, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    824684 Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates

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