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Troubleshooting MS Backup and MS Backup for Windows

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If you encounter problems running Microsoft Backup for MS-DOS or MicrosoftBackup for Windows, use the steps in the following section to correct theproblems.

NOTE: If your computer fails the compatibility test, query on thefollowing words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information:
compatibility and test and fails
Common problems caused by incorrect system configuration include thefollowing:
  • Microsoft Backup appears to stop responding (hang) when run from the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows.
  • Microsoft Backup for Windows causes Windows to close, leaving the MS-DOS command prompt displayed on the screen.
  • Windows reports that the DMA buffer size needs to be increased to 64.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Backup for Windows and Microsoft Backup

  1. Microsoft does not recommend or support running the MS-DOS-based version of Microsoft Backup (MSBACKUP.EXE) with Windows. If you choose to do this, you should create a program information file (PIF) with the following settings for Microsoft Backup:
           Display Usage: Full Screen       Execution:  Exclusive					
  2. Your CONFIG.SYS file should include the following settings (the values shown are minimums):
           FILES=30       BUFFERS=30       STACKS=9,256					
  3. The DMABufferSize= line should be set to at least 32 in the [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file. In some situations, the DMA buffer size needs to be set to 40 (either in the SYSTEM.INI file, or using EMM386.EXE, or both).
  4. If you are using MSBACKUP.EXE in Windows or the Windows version of Microsoft Backup (MWBACKUP.EXE), you should place the following line in your SYSTEM.INI file if Setup did not install it:
    If you omit this line, Backup displays the following error message:
    Microsoft Backup is not properly installed on this system.

    Please reinstall Microsoft Backup, or make the following changes to your SYSTEM.INI file:

    DEVICE=[ms-dos path]VFINTD.386
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