Description of the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package: January 9, 2008

This article describes the Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 issues that are fixed in the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package that is dated February 7, 2008.

List of issues that are fixed

This hotfix fixes the following issues that not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

Issue 1

When you create a protection group on a secondary server that is running Microsoft System Center Protection Manager 2007, and then you select a Microsoft Exchange 2007 storage group, the job fails. Additionally, you receive the following error message:
Description: DPM failed to communicate with EXCH.CONTOSO.COM because the computer is unreachable. (ID 41 Details: The RPC server is unavailable (0x800706BA)

Issue 2

When you try to protect a cluster that has Symantec Volume Manager installed, you receive the following error message when you try to configure a protection group:
DPM was unable to protect the members in the resource group Hola2. This Resource group contains some resources that have dependencies which not present as part of this group

1) Check your cluster configuration to ensure that shares and disks on which these shares reside, are part of the same resource group

2) Check your cluster configuration to ensure that the application and the disks it requires are part of the same resource group

Issue 3

Data Protection Manager 2007 may truncate logs for Exchange 2007, for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, or for SQL Server 2000, even if an incremental backup failed. This behavior causes the log chain to break, and recovery points are missed.

Issue 4

When a protected Exchange 2007 cluster continuous replication (CCR) cluster experiences a failover, the DPM Administrator Console closes, and you receive the following error message:

The DPM Administrator Console closes with the following error when a protected Exchange 2007 CCR cluster encounters a failover:

Connection to the DPM service has been lost.

DPM service could be running in recovery mode, which was initiated by the DpmSync tool. If DpmSync is not running and the DPM service is still in recovery mode, then run DpmSync again.

Review the application event log for information about a possible service shutdown. Verify that the following services are not disabled:

DPM Replication Agent
Virtual Disk Service
Volume Shadow Copy
Note This hotfix applies only if all the following conditions are true:
  • The console failure occurs between 22:30 and 23:59 hours.
  • An Exchange express full backup job fails, and it generates event ID 30139.

Issue 5

A tape backup job may fail after it fills up the first tape for certain tape drives. This issue occurs because some tape drives return a write error instead of an end-of-media error when the tape is full. When this occurs, you may see one the following messages in the failed job details:

ID 30001
The request could not be executed because of an I/O Device error (0x8007045D)
ID 2033
The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error (0x8007045D)
This hotfix package is included together with the Data Protection Manager Feature Pack that is available from the Microsoft Download Center. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
949779 Description of the System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Feature Pack
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