FIX: Changing Decimal Separator Causes Load Errors for Form

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If you change the decimal separator by choosing the International icon fromthe Windows Control Panel, you can get the error "Errors during load. Referto ..." when loading a form that was saved as text.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with Microsoft Visual Basicversion 2.0 for Windows. This problem was corrected in Microsoft VisualBasic version 3.0 for Windows.
From the Windows Control Panel, you can change the decimal separator fornumbers by choosing the International icon. By changing the decimalseparator, you can affect the way decimal numbers look when output bystatements such as the PRINT method.

However, if you change the decimal separator, you may get the followingerror when you load a form that had was saved as text (the default):"Errors during load. Refer to" followed by the name of a log file thatcontains the error information.

When a form is saved as text, all information about the form is savedto the file, this includes all the properties that were changed fromtheir default. Any properties that where written as a decimal number,such as the FontSize property, may not be recognized if you havechanged the decimal separator.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Start the Windows Control Panel located, by default, in the Main group of the Windows Program Manager.
  2. Choose the International icon from the Control Panel to specify international settings.
  3. Choose the Change button next to Number Format.
  4. Change the decimal separator to a comma (,).
  5. Start Microsoft Visual Basic version 2.0.
  6. From the File menu, choose Open Project (Press ALT, F, O).
  7. Open the Calculator sample program. This is installed in the SAMPLES directory under the CALC subdirectory.
  8. From the Project Window, double-click CALC.FRM to load the form.
At this point, you should get the error "Errors during load. Refer to"followed by the name of a log file that contains the error information.

NOTE: Although the loading problem was corrected in Visual Basicversion 3.0, the Calculator program is not designed ot accept a comma (,)in place of a decimal point. Using a comma causes a "Type mismatch" error.
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