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Slow Keyboard Repeat Rate with the AnyKey Keyboard

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Some Gateway computers ship with the AnyKey programmable keyboard. On suchsystems, the keyboard repeat rate may be extremely slow, or you mayaccidentally program the keyboard to do something that you do not intend.In this situation, symptoms may indicate you have a problem with eitherMicrosoft MS-DOS or Windows when this is not the case. To identify theAnyKey keyboard, locate a key labeled "Program" in the upper-right cornerof the keyboard.
The following information may help you work around problems with the AnyKeykeyboard.

Slow Keyboard Repeat Rate

The AnyKey programmable keyboard allows you to select the rate at whichkeys repeat when you hold down the keys. This setting overrides any settingmade using the DOS MODE command or Windows Control Panel. You may chooseany one of eight different rates, ranging from 2 characters per second(CPS) to 30 characters per second.

To set the repeat rate:

  1. Press the Repeat Rate Key (found in the upper-right corner of the keyboard). The Program LED should begin to flash.
  2. Function keys F1 through F8 produce the following repeat rates:
           F1    2  CPS       F2    3  CPS       F3    5  CPS       F4    7  CPS       F5   10  CPS       F6   15  CPS       F7   20  CPS       F8   30  CPS						
  3. Press the function key that produces the rate you want, then press the Repeat Rate key again. The Program LED stops flashing and the new repeat rate is set.

Keyboard is Programmed Incorrectly

To reset the keyboard to its default state:

  1. Ensure the NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK LEDs are off. If these keys are remapped (that is, they do not respond), skip this step and continue with step 2.
  2. Press the CTRL+ALT+Suspend Macro key combination. (The Suspend Macro key is in the upper-right corner of the keyboard.)
The Program light on the keyboard flashes momentarily, indicating that thekeyboard has been reset. If the keyboard hangs (stops responding) afterperforming the above steps, unplug the keyboard from the central processingunit (CPU), then plug it in again or restart the computer.

If the computer is running Windows, the reset may fail. If this happens,exit completely out of Windows to the MS-DOS prompt, and repeat the resetinstructions.

The AnyKey keyboard is manufactured by Gateway, a vendor independent ofMicrosoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding thisproduct's performance or reliability.
"Gateway 2000 Computer System User's Guide," pages 3-20 through 3-23.
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