WD: Maximum Page Size of a Document Is 22 by 22 inches

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When you are printing to a plotter from Microsoft Word, you may want toprint to a page larger than 22 inches by 22 inches (many plotterssupport 24 inch or wider paper sizes). Sizes larger than 22 inches are notsupported by Word.

When you click Page Setup on the File menu in Word 6.0 and later, or clickPage Setup on the Format menu in Word version 2.0 for Windows, Word willnot let you use the spin controls to set either the height or width largerthan 22 inches. If you type a size larger than 22 inches into either theHeight or Width box, and then click the OK button, you will get an errorstating:

Word 6.0 and Later

The measurement must be between .1" and 22"

Word 2.0

The measurement must be between 0" and 22".
The only way Word will let you choose the OK button to exit Page Setupis to go back and set the size to a number between .1" and 22" in Wordfor Windows 6.0 and later or between 0" and 22" in Word for Windows 2.0.
The maximum page size of a document in Word is 22 inches by 22 inches. Eventhough some Windows printer drivers will support larger page sizes, Word islimited to 22 inches by 22 inches.

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