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Cannot remotely install MOM agent when Windows Live OneCare is installed on System Center Essentials client

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You are unable to remotely install MOM agent when Windows Live OneCare is installed on System Center Essentials client when:
  • You attempt to deploy a MOM agent to a System Center Essentials client with Windows Live OneCare installed
  • You receive the following error information:
    • The MOM Server could not execute WMI Query "Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem" on computer <computer name>.
    • Operation: Agent Install
    • Install account: <Account name>
    • Error Code: 800706BA
    • Error Description: The RPC server is unavailable
Due to the protections OneCare establishes, the MOM agent cannot be pushed remotely for installation. To address this problem, use one of the following method:
  1. In OneCare, click the Change settings, then click the Firewall tab, and then click the Configure firewall button.
  2. Ensure the network zone is set to Home/Work which will allow the necessary inbound traffic from the subnet the machine is located on. If it is not set to Home/Work, click the Change location button.
  3. Click the Advanced Settings dialog box, then select the Ports and Protocols tab
  4. Select to allow Remote Assistance, Remote desktop and ICMPv4
  5. Manually deploy the agent by accessing the machine, launching the SCE media and selecting the manual agent install link. More details on deploying a manual agent are available in the SCE help topic"How to Configure a Manually Installed System Center Essentials Agent".
  6. After installation, a popup message will display from OneCare stating the Windows Live OneCare Firewall has blocked the Operations Manager Health Service from accessing the Internet. Choose the button to allow this program.
Note 1: If the MOM agent is already installed,only accepting to allow the Health Service through OneCare is required.

Note 2: In case of pushing the agent, replace step 5 with going to the Windows Live OneCare Firewall Settings and selecting Off for 15 minutes. During this time you can push an agent from the SCE server. Step 6 is still required

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