The status indicator for a SQL Server 2008 mirror database differs from SQL Server 2005

This article explains that the node of a mirror database shows a status in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio that differs from the status that appears in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio.
If a server acts as a mirror server, the node of the mirror database in Object Explorer appears as follows in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio:
DatabaseName (Mirror, Synchronized / Restoring...)
In SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, the node of the mirror database appears as follows:
DatabaseName (Restoring...)
There is no change other than the different status indicator that is described. The icon of the mirror database appears correctly. The icon shows that the database is a mirror database. The icon also shows that the database is in the Synchronized state or in the Restoring state.

If you want to know the exact state of the mirror database on the server, run the following query:
SELECT       <DB_NAME>(<database_id>) AS '<DatabaseName>'    , mirroring_role_desc     , mirroring_state_descFROM sys.database_mirroringWHERE mirroring_guid IS NOT NULL;
For the mirror server, the role appears as "MIRROR" and the state appears as "SYNCHRONIZED" when the state is already synchronized.

The principal server is not affected. The principal server shows the correct icon and status indicator.
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