Description of ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 Service Pack 2

Microsoft ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 Service Pack 2 is now available. The build of this service pack is 6.3.2217. This service pack includes all fixes that were released for the release version of ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 (build This document lists the changed files, provides installation and deployment instructions, describes the issues that are fixed by this service pack, and describes known issues in this service pack.

Important notes about this service pack

We recommend that you back up your existing ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 components before you apply this service pack.

Issues that are fixed by this service pack

  • Consider the following scenario. You set the Callouts property of a chart to Value. Then, you specify a number value for the Decimal Places property of the chart axis. In this scenario, the actual number of decimal places in the callouts value is the number of the Decimal Places property plus 1.
  • When you slice a background hierarchy, you may receive the following error message:
    Query Failed! (800F000A)
  • You create a measure whose value is NULL in ProClarity Desktop Professional. Then, you create a chart, and you put the measure on an axis. The axis uses the Auto Scaling feature. Then, you publish the page that contains this chart to ProClarity Analytics Server. When you view this chart in ProClarity Web Standard, the scale of the axis starts to use very large percentage (%) numbers.
  • Consider the following scenario. You create a calculated member by specifying the format string as a percentage in ProClarity Desktop Professional. You create a chart by putting the calculated member on an axis. Additionally, you put another set that contains formatted values on the opposite axis. Then, you publish the book that contains this chart to ProClarity Analytics Server. When you open the chart in ProClarity Web Standard, the axis for the calculated member and the callouts for the calculated member are displayed in the decimal formatting instead of in the percentage formatting.
  • The Preserve Title option is not available in the Grid Properties dialog box in the following versions of ProClarity Desktop Professional:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish

Service pack information

Download information

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
DownloadDownload the PRO63Hotfix2217.exe package now.For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
119591 How to obtain Microsoft support files from online services
Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.

After you download the package, extract the PRO63Hotfix2217.exe file from the package to a local disk.

Installation information

To install this service pack, follow these steps:
  1. Locate the PRO63Hotfix2217.exe file.
  2. To start the installation, double-click the PRO63Hotfix2217.exe file.

Important information for Windows Vista

When you install ProClarity Desktop Professional on Windows Vista, you may receive an error message that states the following prerequisites were not found:
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 v2
  • Microsoft XML 6.0
If this occurs, follow these steps:
  1. Do not start the installation from the ProClarity Desktop Professional splash screen. Instead, browse to the following folder that contains the Setup.exe file:
    CD_Drive:\ProClarity\Desktop\Pro 6.3\Desktop Install\install
  2. Double-click the Setup.exe file to start the installation.

Distribution information

To distribute the service pack from ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3, follow these steps:
  1. On a computer that is running ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3, extract the package. The files that are extracted are the PRO63Hotfix2217.exe file and the PRO63Hotfix2217.xml file.
  2. Open the Analytics Server Administration Tool.
  3. Expand Analytics Server Administration Tool, and then expand the node that corresponds to the server.
  4. Right-click Components, and then click New Component.
  5. In the New Component box, specify the PRO63Hotfix2217.xml file that you obtained in step 1, and then click OK.
Important You must configure the security setting for ProClarity Analytics Server before users can download software from ProClarity Analytics Server. For more information, see chapter 7 of the Analytics Server Administrators Guide.

Removal information

You cannot remove this service pack without also removing ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3. To remove this service pack, you must remove the whole ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 application.


To apply this service pack, you must be running ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 on the computer. With this service pack, you can update ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 or ProClarity Web Professional 6.3. For installation instructions and requirements, see the product documentation and the product release notes.

Restart requirement

You must restart the computer after you install this service pack.

File information

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform

Known issues in this service pack

  • ProClarity 6.3 SP2 supports PivotTable Services 8.0 and the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services 9.0 OLE DB provider. However, ProClarity 6.3 SP2 does not support the SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services 10.0 OLE DB provider.

    Note PivotTable Services 8.0 is the OLE DB provider for SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and is used to connect to an Analysis Services 2000 server.

    Workaround To work around this problem, use the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services 9.0 OLE DB provider to connect to data cubes that use the SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services 10.0 OLE DB provider.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
For more information about the Readme file for ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 Service Pack 2 and for ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3 Service Pack 2, visit the following Microsoft TechNet Web site: For more information about ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 Service Pack 2, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
958293 Description of ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 Service Pack 2
For more information about software update terminology, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
824684 Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates

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