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Description of Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 version 1.1

Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 version 1.1 replaces the earlier version of Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008. All the current users of the earlier version of Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 can obtain the new version through Microsoft Update. To obtain the full installer for the latest version of Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008, visit the following Web site:
This software update includes the following changes in response to customer feedback. The software update also includes the following stability and performance improvements.
  • The ability to select images for AutoCollage. Users can decide which images should be included in the collage. Users can also specify which image should be the top-ranked image and which image should be the second-ranked image. Users can also determine whether an image should be preferred or avoided by the selection process. The image rating is used automatically to influence an image's ranking. Therefore, an image that has only 1 star has a lower chance of being selected than an image that has 5 stars. There is also visual feedback on which images will be included in the next AutoCollage.
  • Richer integration with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Users can now use the Add to AutoCollage item on the Extras menu in Windows Live Photo Gallery to add selected images to a new AutoCollage. This lets users include images from different folders in a single AutoCollage.
  • Support for network folders. Users can now select a network folder as the root for an AutoCollage image browser. Images in the selected folder can now be added, removed or changed until the AutoCollage creation method starts.
  • The ability to define the output sizes. Users can define a custom output size in inches, in pixels, or in centimeters. The maximum output size is now 48” x 48”. Up to 50 images can be included in an AutoCollage.

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Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 1.1

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