ERROR: Unit xxx Is Invalid Because One or More of the Associated Rates in the Import File Is Invalid.

"Unit xxx is invalid because one or more of the associated Rates in the import file is invalid."

This error occurs in the Revenue Import Rejection Report when the administrator runs a Revenue import for units and rates information. The administrator will receive an additional error message stating Rate xxx is locked.
Microsoft Forecaster generates these messages because the rate is associated with a unit in the Revenue setup and has been set to Locked. Thus, the rate value cannot be changed via data entry or import.
To resolve this issue, the administrator must modify the Rate setup as follows:
  1. Select Budgets from the Setup menu.
  2. Select the custom tab for revenue.
  3. Click the Rates tab.
  4. Highlight the unit of the rate to be modified by clicking on the row in the upper grid of the window.
  5. Clear the Locked option for the rate to be imported.
  6. Save.
After the administrator completes the revenue import, the user can return to the revenue setup and select the Locked option to restrict data entry in the input set.

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Microsoft Forecaster 7.0

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