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Error 480: Can't Create AutoRedraw Image

After drilling once into a report it may appear cut-off on the right side of the DrillDown Viewer. (See image in Additional Information.)After drilling a second time, the two errors occur in the following order."FRx DrillDown Viewer: Warning, due to memory limitations, viewable area may be smaller than necessary to display all columns. Reduce zoom size if entire report is not viewable." "Error 480: Can't create AutoRedraw image"
Settings need to be modified.
Reduce the zoom size to 80% or lower within the DrillDown Viewer by selecting Other... from the View menu and type a value of 80 or less in the Magnification window.-OR- Reduce the screen resolution to 800 by 600 pixels in the Settings tab of the Control Panel's Display Properties window.-OR- Reduce the color quality to 256 colors in the Settings tab of the Control Panel's Display Properties window.
Additional Information

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Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics–FRx 6.7 Desktop, FRx Financial Reporter 6.5

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