Message Number Not Found. Please Contact FRx Technical Support. Error Number 0.

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"Message Number not Found. Please Contact FRx Technical Support. Error Number 0."

This error occurs when launching Microsoft FRx 6.x.
This error occurs after setting up a test environment for Microsoft FRx 6.x and copying a prior version of the Microsoft FRx 6.x sysdata into the newly installed Microsoft FRx 6.x sysdata directory. This causes the sysdata files for the newly installed version to be out of synch with the correct version causing the error.
Microsoft FRx 6.7 must be re-installed.
  1. Reinstall the FRx 6.7 Designer component from the installation CD.
  2. Start the installation process.
  3. Click the Install FRx button.
  4. Click Next, then Yes.
  5. Choose the install for your environment.
NOTE: See the FRxInstall.pdf located in the Microsoft FRx 6.x CD Bin\Help\Install for descriptions on the types of install and more detailed instructions.

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