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Run-Time Error '3021' No Current Record

"Run-time error '3021' No current record"This error occurs when attempting to change the shared SysData folder location from the Admin/Organization screen.
Incorrect pathing/drive mapping to the shared SysData location, or insufficient permissions to edit the file that stores the shared SysData location.
ResolutionVerify that the workstation has the same version/service pack level as the other workstations. Locate the target directory for the FRx32.exe, which launches FRx Designer. Edit the FRx32.cfg file in this directory using Notepad, to show the correct SysData location using UNC mapping:Example:[SysData]Directory=\\\\Servername\\Sharename\\SysData\\CAUTION: Do NOT edit the FRx32.cfg file prior to opening FRx, as this can cause loss of data in the shared Sysdata location. After saving changes to the FRx32.cfg, open FRx.

Article ID: 966137 - Last Review: 01/27/2009 00:47:21 - Revision: 1.0

  • Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics–FRx 6.7 Desktop
  • FRx Financial Reporter 6.5
  • KB966137