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Unhandled Exception. Error Number 0x80004005. Description: Unspecified Error. Setup Will Now Terminate.

"Unhandled Exception. Error Number 0x80004005. Description: Unspecified error. Setup will now Terminate" message when installing Microsoft FRx 6.7.2013 while using UNC pathing.
There is a problem with the Microsoft FRx 6.7.2013 installation CD for Viewpoint where the installation will not allow the use of UNC pathing.
Install Microsoft FRx 6.7.2013 using drive mapping. After the installation is complete, update the paths to UNC pathing in the following locations. Unless otherwise specified, these locations can be found in FRx Designer.

1. Import and Export Path on the Company - Information screen for all companies.
2. Database Name path on the Company - Information - System Specific Information screen for FW and FWC companies.
3. Location path for each specification set on the Company - Specification Sets screen.
4. New Directory path for the SysData folder located on the Admin - Organization - SysData screen.
5. For Client Deployment installations, modify the FRxClient.cfg file located in the Client Setup folder on the server.

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Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics–FRx 6.7 Desktop, FRx Financial Reporter 6.5

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