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User DSN vs. System DSN

When setting up an ODBC Data Source you have the option to set up by User DSN or System DSN. A User DSN is specific to a user on the workstation. For example, if you log on to a machine as user "John," set up a User DSN, then log off, and then log on to the machine as user "Sally", "Sally" will not see the Data Source. Why? It's specific to John's profile, not Sally's. Conversely, if you set up a System DSN, it does not matter who logs on to the machine; all users that logon to that workstation will have access to that Data Source. FRx Software recommends using a System DSN for all FRx data sources.

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Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics–FRx 6.7 Desktop, FRx Financial Reporter 6.5

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