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MS-DOS: No Interactive Boot Option for the AUTOEXEC.BAT File

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The interactive boot option included with MS-DOS 6.0 (the F8 key)works with the CONFIG.SYS file only; it does not work with theAUTOEXEC.BAT file. Stepping through a batch file using the interactiveboot option is not a feature of MS-DOS 6.0. You can, however, use theCHOICE and IF ERRORLEVEL commands to step through the AUTOEXEC.BATfile.

NOTE: This information does not apply to later versions of MS-DOS.
More information
The CHOICE command provides the ability to prompt for input whilerunning a batch file program. With the CHOICE command, you can displaya specified prompt and then pause for user input. For example, if youadd the following line to a batch file program
CHOICE /C:ABC Choose an Option
the user sees the following when CHOICE is started:
Choose an Option [A,B,C,]?
For more information on using the CHOICE command, type help choice at the MS-DOS command prompt.

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Microsoft MS-DOS 6.0 Standard Edition

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