Description of Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released a service pack for Microsoft Expression Web 3. This article lists the most significant improvements and fixes that the service pack provides. Additionally, this article tells you where you can obtain the service pack.
Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains significant fixes and improvements in publishing, in the SuperPreview feature, in file management, extensibility, and in other areas of the program.
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Issues that are resolved in this service pack

  • Fixes a problem in which multiple tasks are undone when you use the Undo feature.
  • Resolves a problem in which an invalid link is generated when you drag an image from the Folder List panel into the Code view of a page.
  • Lets you to select text in the Design view of a page more easily and more accurately.
  • Resolves a crash issue that is caused by nonstandard or corrupted fonts that are installed on your computer.
  • Fixes a problem in which tags that begin with "<?php" are renamed after you rename a file.
  • Resolves a problem in which Japanese characters are altered.
  • Resolves a problem in which the source file is deleted after you copy a file from one instance of Expression Web 3 and then paste the file into another instance of Expression Web 3.
  • Restores the functionality to drag files into a selected folder in the Folder List panel.
  • Enables connections to each destination without requiring you to restart the application when multiple publishing destinations are specified on the same FTP server and when only the user credentials are different for those destinations.
  • Fixes several problems in the workflow between Expression Web and Team Foundation Server.
  • Displays the correct file status in Publishing view after you publish a site.
  • Updates the file status and publishing log when you use the Publish Selected Files command to publish one or more files. Additionally, Expression Web 3 SP1 displays the publishing progress in the Publishing Status panel.
  • Provides several fixes that make sure that pages are accurately displayed in SuperPreview.
  • Resolves a problem detecting English (United Kingdom).

Improvements that are provided by this service pack


Supports add-ins that use the Expression Web object model.

Root-relative links

Supports root-relative hyperlinks.

PHP files that do not use the *.php file name extension

Adds support for Drupal and CakePHP template files. Expression Web 3 SP1 now recognizes .module, .install, .inc, and .ctp as valid PHP extensions.

Application color scheme

Provides an improved black and gray color scheme that better reflects the appearance of the Microsoft Expression Studio 3 family of products. Expression Web 3 SP1 also provides a new Application Options setting that lets you select the Windows color scheme instead of the default color scheme.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 META tag and Web Slice support

Contains new code examples to support features that are specific to Internet Explorer 8. The new code examples include META tags specific to Internet Explorer 8, plus a new Web Slice code example. You can access the code examples by pressing CTRL+ENTER in Code view.

Installation details

How to obtain and install Expression Web 3 SP1

Expression Web 3 SP1 is available from the Microsoft Download Center. To download this service pack from the Microsoft Download Center, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

How to determine whether Expression Web 3 SP1 is installed

In Expression Web 3, click About Microsoft Expression Web.
  • If Expression Web 3 SP1 is not installed, the following version number appears:

    (English language) Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1762.0
    (Non-English languages) Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1773.0
  • If Expression Web 3 SP1 is already installed, the following version number appears:

    Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.3813.0
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