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You cannot edit a transport rule in Exchange Server 2010 Management Console after you import the rule from Exchange Server 2007

After you import a transport rule into Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, you cannot edit the rule in Exchange Server 2010 Management Console. The exported transport rule resembles the following in the XML file:
<rules name="Transport14"> <rule name="Unclassified"> <condition> <and>  <true />   </and>  </condition> <action name="PrependSubject">  <argument value="(SBU)" />   </action> <action name="ApplyDisclaimerWithSeparator">  <argument value="Append" />   <argument value="Classification: Unclassified" />   <argument value="Arial" />   <argument value="Smallest" />   <argument value="Green" />   <argument value="Wrap" />   <argument value="WithSeparator" />   </action>  </rule></rules>
The issue that is described in the "Symptoms" section occurs after the transport rule that has the ApplyDisclaimer rule action is imported into Exchange Server 2010 from Exchange Server 2007 SP2. By design, the rule action is changed from ApplyDisclaimer to Applyhtmldisclaimer in Exchange Server 2010. However, if the transport rule includes a rule action other than the ApplyDisclaimer rule action or the ApplyDisclaimerWithSeperator rule action, the conversion from "ApplyDisclaimer" to "Applyhtmldisclaimer" fails.

Note When you import the transport rule from Exchange Server 2007 into Exchange Server 2010, the rule action should be converted to Applyhtmldisclaimer.
To work around this issue, re-create the transport rule that has the ApplyDisclaimer rule action in Exchange Server 2010.
This hotfix is scheduled to be included in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard

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