Importing an Task Outline Structure into Project

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When you import files from a different application to MicrosoftProject, you can include information that will allow Microsoft Projectto generate a project outline structure for the imported file.
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You cannot directly import the Outline Number field from a file savedin a format other than the standard Microsoft Project format. However,it is possible to import a different field that will correctlygenerate the same outline structure.

Microsoft Project uses a task field called "Outline Level", inconjunction with the order tasks are imported, to determine wheretasks fall in a project outline structure. Tasks with Outline Level=1are at the highest level in the project outline. Tasks with OutlineLevel=2 are subordinate to level 1 tasks, level 3 tasks aresubordinate to level 2 tasks, and so on, for example:

A comma separated values (CSV) file contains the following text:
   1,Summary Task 1   2,Task A   2,Task B   2,Summary Task 2   3,Task C   3,Task D   1,Summary Task 3   2,Task E   2,Task F				
If this file is imported into Microsoft Project using a task tablewith Outline Level and Name as its first two fields, the tasks willbe imported with the following outline structure:
      Outline      Level      Name      --------------------------         1       1 Summary Task 1         2          1.1 Task A         2          1.2 Task B         2          1.3 Summary Task 2         3             1.3.1 Task C         3             1.3.2 Task D         1       2 Summary Task 3         2          2.1 Task E         2          2.2 Task F				
NOTE: The Outline Number and name indentation are shown to clearlyillustrate the structure.
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