You see a Print dialog box instead of a Web browser in SharePoint Workspace 2010 when you double-click to open a shortcut for a Web site

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When you double-click the shortcut for a Web site in a Documents tool in Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, no Web browser starts. Instead, a Print dialog box pops up.
Consider this scenario:
  1. In your Web browser, you right-click a link, and then click Copy Shortcut.
  2. You open a Groove Documents tool in SharePoint Workspace 2010, move your cursor into the file area for a folder, right-click, and then click Paste. The shortcut appears as a file with the extension .url.
  3. You double-click the shortcut, or right-click the shortcut and then examine the shortcut menu.
Actual result:

When you double-click the shortcut, you see a Print dialog box. When you right-click the shortcut, the only available item is Print.

Expected result:

When you double-click the shortcut, the selected link opens in the Web browser. When you right-click the shortcut, the shortcut menu has an Open item available. This item is set as the default choice.

Groove workspaces do not support opening a URL from the .url document type. If you want to save a Web shortcut in a Groove workspace, do not save it as a document. Instead, paste the shortcut into a Discussion item or a Notepad note.


If you have already pasted the link as a document and need to open it, use one of the following workarounds:

  • Drag the .url document to a Windows Explorer folder, or to the desktop. Double-click on the copy.
  • Right-click the .url document, click Send to, and then click Mail Recipient. Open the link from the mail message.


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