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How to update Realtek network adapter drivers during a Bare Metal Restore of Windows Home Server

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During a Bare Metal Restore of Windows Home Server, the updated network drivers for the Realtek family of network adapters may have to be manually updated. You can update the drivers by using a Vista (WinServer 2008) driver. The restore CD for the Windows Home Server will indicate that the inbox driver for the restore CD is present. However, this driver may not work as expected. Additionally, there is no network connectivity. To resolve this issue, download the drivers from the Realtek site and then install them during the Bare Metal Restore by using a USB flash drive. This processis outlined in the stepsprovided in the More Information section. 

Note Passively adding the drivers on the USB flash drive will not work because the existing drivers are already loaded. You must follow the steps in the More Information section.
To update the Realtek network adapter drivers during a Bare Metal Restore, follow these steps:
  1. Download the network driver from the following Realtek website: Select the Realtek model network adapter that is installed on the client computer, and then download the "Vista and WinServer 2008 Driver" on the download page for that model network adapter. For more information about how to do this, visit the following Realtek FAQ webpage: 
  2. Extract the compressed (.zip) files onto the USB flash drive, and then plug the USB flash drive into the client computer.
  3. Apply the downloaded network adapter driver by using Windows Home Server Restore CD.
  4. On the Detect hardware screen, select the appropriate time/currency format and the keyboard/input method, and then click Next.
  5. The Detect hardware dialog box will detect one network device. However, this device will not be usable because of incompatibility between the hardware and the driver.
  6. Click Show Details.
  7. Scan the USB flash drive to update the driver.
  8. Click Install Drivers.
  9. Click Scan to scan for new or updated drivers.
  10. On the Drivers were found for your hardware dialog box, click OK to see all hardware that was detected.
  11. Click OK.
The updated drivers are now installed.

For more information about how to update Realtek network adapters, visit the following Microsoft Forums posting in the Windows Home Server Software board:

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