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You cannot find any clipart when you open Word Web App or OneNote Web App and try to insert some clipart

Consider the following scenarios.

Scenario 1

You have a server that is running Microsoft Office Web Apps. You open the Microsoft Word Web App or Microsoft OneNote Web App and then you click the ClipArt button. However, when you type an item to search, the search returns no clipart results.

This behavior occurs when the ClipArt button is enabled.

Scenario 2

You have a server that is running Microsoft Office Web Apps. When you open the Word Web App or OneNote Web App and try to insert some clipart, you notice that the ClipArt button is disabled. 
This problem occurs because the service retrieves clipart by contacting Microsoft Office Online directly from the SharePoint server. However, firewall or proxy rules may prohibit outgoing traffic from reaching the required URLs.
To work around this problem, validate that you can access all three required URLs from the SharePoint box. Additionally, make sure that the proxy settings are configured appropriately for the server. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Log on to the computer which hosts the Word Web App or OneNote Web App.

    Note Typically, this computer is a front-end computer.
  2. In a browser, validate that you can browse to the following three URLs:
    • http:/
  3. 3. If you cannot access these URLs from a Web browser, your firewall may be blocking access to these sites. Change the settings on your firewall to enable access to each of these URLs.
Frequently, outgoing traffic will have to use a proxy in order to reach these URLs. In order to instruct the OneNote Web App to use a proxy, use the following cmdlet for each site that the OneNote Web App is enabled:

PS C:\> Set-SPOneNoteWebAppConfig -Site "http://localhost" -Proxy “http://myproxyURL

Note You can check the current proxy settings by using the following cmdlet:

PS C:\> $w = Get-SPOneNoteWebAppConfig -Site "http://localhost"
PS C:\> $w.Properties


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Microsoft Word Web App, Microsoft Internet Information Services Media Services 3.0

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