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What to consider when you upgrade from Groove 2007 to SharePoint Workspace 2010

This article describes the changes and requirements that you should consider when you upgrade from Microsoft Office Groove 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.

Upgrade to SharePoint Workspace 2010

As in Groove 2007, upgrading is only supported from the previous major version. You cannot upgrade Groove Virtual Office directly to SharePoint Workspace 2010.

For more information if you currently use Groove Virtual Office, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
974478 Support information for Groove Virtual Office 3.1 and related products and services

Downgrade from SharePoint Workspace 2010

Because of changes that are made to the account during the upgrade, if you downgrade to Groove 2007, you are unable to use the same account. When you start Groove 2007, it reports that the Groove account is unusable.

if you have a managed account, you must create a new account. If the account in Groove Manager is integrated with Active Directory, then the administrator must remove the account from Manager and re-import it from Active Directory.

If you have an unmanaged account, you may be able to use one of the following workarounds:
  • If you backed up your account before upgrading, you may be able to import that account. To do this, delete all SharePoint workspace data, uninstall SharePoint Workspace, reinstall Groove 2007, and when you are prompted, chose to use an existing account and then provide the location of the account file.
  • If you had Groove 2007 on multiple devices and did not upgrade them all, import the unchanged account. To do this, fetch all data to a non-upgraded instance of the account, remove SharePoint Workspace and associated data from the upgraded computer, export the account from the Groove 2007 computer, and use that new account file when reinstalling Groove 2007 on the computer that was upgraded.

Upgrade multiple computers to SharePoint Workspace 2010

If you have Groove on multiple computers, or plan to install SharePoint Workspace on multiple computers, you should be aware of the following changes:
  • SharePoint Workspace does not enforce upgrading all installations to the same version. However, if you use your account on multiple computers and they do not run the same version of SharePoint Workspace or Groove, you may experience synchronization issues. We recommend that you upgrade all the computers on which you use your account.
  • As in earlier versions, you should not reuse an account file that you created before making changes to the account. For example, if you delete the SharePoint Workspace information from a computer and then re-import your account from a backup file, do not use that same file to import your Groove account onto another computer. The file does not contain information on your current computer.
For more information about why this causes synchronization problems, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
917206 When you run a Groove account on multiple computers, you may see synchronization or awareness problems after you restore the account from an account file

Account security change

SharePoint Workspace 2010 does not prompt you for a password at startup. Instead, the SharePoint Workspace account is linked to your Windows account. If you have a managed SharePoint Workspace account, your administrator may decide to link it to your domain account.

However, the following are exceptions to this rule if you upgrade from Groove 2007:
  • The first time that you start SharePoint Workspace, you are prompted for your Groove 2007 account password. If you do not remember it, you are prompted to reset your password. After you have provided the password, or the password reset has completed successfully, SharePoint Workspace converts your account to open with your Windows logon credentials.
  • If you later create an account file on the upgraded computer and use it to import your account onto another computer, SharePoint Workspace prompts you for a password. If you remember your old Groove 2007 password, you can enter it here. If you do not remember your old Groove 2007 password, click Reset Password and follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail message that you receive. Your account on the new computer will be linked to the current Windows account.

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