MemMaker Damages Related Files with Incorrect Path

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If your PATH environment variable is set to PATH=\DOS when you runMemMaker, the following files are truncated:
These files may be truncated to 8192, 4096 or zero bytes.

In addition, you may receive one of the following errors:

  • "Sector not found" error message overlaying the blue MemMaker screen
  • "Bad or missing error in CONFIG.SYS line n" error message
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in MS-DOS MemMaker version6.00. This problem was corrected in later versions.
To work around this problem, do the following:

  1. Set the path to PATH=C:\DOS.
  2. Expand CHKSTATE.SY_, EMM386.EXE, HIMEM.SY_, MEMMAKER.HL_, MEMMAKER.EXE, and SIZER.EX_ from the original MS-DOS 6.0 disks. For example, to expand the CHKSTATE.SY_ file, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt and then press ENTER:
    C:\dos\expand a:\chkstate.sy_ c:\dos\chkstate.sys
                                         File Location   Filename                1.44 MB     1.2 MB      720K       360K   -----------------------------------------------------------------   CHKSTATE.SY_             Disk 3     Disk 3     Disk 3     Disk  6   EMM386.EX_               Disk 3     Disk 4     Disk 5     Disk 10   HIMEM.SY_                Disk 1     Disk 2     Disk 3     Disk  5   MEMMAKER.EXE             Disk 3     Disk 4     Disk 3     Disk  6   MEMMAKER.HL_             Disk 3     Disk 3     Disk 3     Disk  6   SIZER.EX_                Disk 3     Disk 4     Disk 3     Disk  6						
  3. Rerun MemMaker.
6.00 statement environmental set size change

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