WD: Dark Colors Print the Same as Regular Colors

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In Word 6.0 for Windows, characters or drawing objects formatted with darkcolors (such as Dk Magenta or Dk Cyan) print as black or as their non-darkcounterparts (such as Magenta or Cyan) on some color printers. The screendisplays the dark colors correctly, but they print out as black.

In Word 2.0 for Windows, characters formatted with dark colors print thesame as their non-dark counterparts on some color printers. The screendisplays dark colors correctly. For example, Dark Green and Green text aredifferent on the screen, but they both print out as Green.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft productslisted at the beginning of this article. We are researching this problemand will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as itbecomes available.
Select the colored text or drawing objects, copy them, and paste them intoPaintbrush or Microsoft Drawing. This will convert the images to a bitmapformat. You can then copy them or update them back into the Word document.

With the Canon BJC 600, you can change the Media Type to Coated Paper,which allows the printer to print the dark colors correctly. To do this,follow these steps:

  1. In Windows Control Panel, choose the Printers icon.
  2. Choose the Setup button.
  3. In the Media Type list, choose Coated Paper.
  4. Choose the OK button, and then the Close button.
The dark colors will now print correctly to the BJC-600 from Microsoft Wordversion 6.0.
The following table lists colors as formatted in Word and as they print ona color printer:
                                 DeskJet        BubbleJet                                 550C and       600 and                Word 2.0         Word 6.0       Word 6.0   Color        Prints As        Prints As      Prints As   -----        ---------        ---------      ---------   Black        Black            Black          Black   Blue         Blue             Blue           Blue   Cyan         Cyan             Cyan           Cyan   Green        Green            Green          Green   Magenta      Magenta          Magenta        Magenta   Red          Red              Red            Red   Yellow       Yellow           Yellow         Yellow   White        White            White          White   Dk Blue      Blue             Black          Blue   Dk Cyan      Cyan             Black          Cyan   Dk Green     Green            Black          Green   Dk Magenta   Magenta          Black          Magenta   Dk Red       Red              Black          Red   Dk Yellow    Yellow           Black          Yellow   Dk Gray      Lt Gray          Black          White   Lt Gray      Lt Gray          White          White				
Note: The above test was conducted with Windows version 3.1 on thefollowing printers for Word 6.0
   HP DeskJet 550C         DESKJETC.DRV v5.0   Canon BJC 600           BJC600.DRV   v2.0d				
and on the following printers for Word 2.0:
   HP PaintJet XL          PAINT.DRV v2.1   Star NX-2420 Rainbow    STAR24E.DRV v1.2   Citizen 200GX color     CIT9US.DRV v2.0   HP DeskJet 550C         DESKJETC.DRV v3.0, v3.1				
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