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Missing Font Selections in a Windowed MS-DOS-Based Application

When you run an MS-DOS command prompt session or any MS-DOS-basedapplication in a window, you may have a limited selection of fonts.This problem usually occurs if the DOSAPP.FON file has becomecorrupted or is missing from the WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory.
To correct this problem:

  1. Delete or rename the DOSAPP.FON file (if it exists) in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory.
  2. Expand the DOSAPP.FO_ file from the Windows 3.1 disks to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory using the following syntax. (This file is found on Disk 3 in the 5.25-inch disk set and on Disk 2 in the 3.5-inch disk set).
    expand a:\dosapp.fo_ c:\windows\system\dosapp.fon
  3. Restart Windows and open an MS-DOS command prompt in a window. Choose the Control-menu box and select Fonts to see if additional fonts are now available.
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