INFO: SetConsoleOutputCP Only Effective with Unicode Fonts

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SetConsoleOutputCP() changes the displaying of extended characters in aconsole window only if the current font is a fixed-pitch Unicode font. Itdoes not effect the displaying of extended characters of the console fontnamed "Raster Font."
SetConsoleOutputCP() is designed to change the mapping of the 256 8-bitcharacter values into the glyph set of a fixed-pitch Unicode font, ratherthan loading a separate, non-Unicode font for each call toSetConsoleOutputCP(). For Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP the currently available Unicode console font is the Lucida Console TrueType font.

To demonstrate SetConsoleOutputCP(), implement a console application thatcalls this API. After a successful return from this function, call printfto display characters of ASCII value greater than 127.

The Win32 Platform SDK also ships with a Sample calledCONSOLE in the \samples\WinUI\Console\Console directory that demonstrates the useof the SetConsoleOutputCP() API.
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