Word Processor Files Won't Open in Works for Windows

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When you try to open a Works Word Processor file, the hourglass cursormay appear, but the file may never open and no error message maydisplay. This can be caused by incompatible font packs, too manyfonts installed, a corrupt printer driver, or an incompatible videodriver.


  1. If you have Adobe Type Manager installed, disable it from Windows as explained in the "Disabling Adobe Type Manager" section of this article.

    When Adobe Type Manager installs, it modifies the SYSTEM.DRV= line in the SYSTEM.INI file to read SYSTEM.DRV=ATMSYS.DRV and adds ATM.SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV.

    For example:
          [boot]      SYSTEM.DRV=ATMSYS.DRV      ATM.SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV						

    Disabling Adobe Type Manager

    To disable Adobe Type Manager, modify the SYSTEM.DRV=ATMSYS.DRV line to read SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV and remark the ATM.SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV line in your SYSTEM.INI file.

    For example:
          [boot]      SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV      ;ATM.SYSTEM.DRV=SYSTEM.DRV						
    For more information about disabling Adobe Type Manager, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    disabling and adobe and type and manager
  2. To check for other incompatible fonts or if you have too many fonts installed, disable True Type Fonts in Windows Control Panel using the following steps:
    1. Exit from Works for Windows.
    2. Run Control Panel from Windows (usually in the Main program group).
    3. Choose Fonts.
    4. Select the TrueType button.
    5. Disable TrueType fonts by clearing the Enable TrueType Fonts check box.
    6. Choose Restart Windows.
    7. Start Works for Windows and open an existing Word Processor file.
  3. To check for a corrupt printer driver, set Generic/Text Only as the default printer using the following steps:
    1. Run or switch to Control Panel.
    2. Choose Printers.
    3. Select Generic/Text Only. If Generic/Text Only is not installed, add it, if possible. If not, then choose another printer from the installed list or add another printer.
    4. Select Set As Default Printer.
    5. Choose Close.
    6. Go back into Works and open an existing Word Processor file.
  4. To check for an incompatible video driver, change the Windows Display option to VGA using the following steps:
    1. Select Windows Setup from the Main group.
    2. Choose Options, Change System Settings.
    3. Change the Display to VGA.
    4. Restart Windows.
    5. Restart Works for Window and open an existing Word Processor file.
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