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10 top Outlook mobile tips

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Try these top 10 Outlook mobile tips to help you save time and do more, faster.

Tip 1: Switch accounts

  1. Tap the menu in the upper left.

  2. Long hold to open each account.

  3. Open any folder. Tap the Home icon and tap Inbox.

Tip 2: Bulk action

  1. In your Inbox, long hold a message and then drag up or down to select several messages.

  2. Choose the action you want, like Flag.

Tip 3: Swipe action

  • Long hold a message and swipe left or right.

Tip 4: Tap Search for top results

  • Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom once to see the top Search results.

  • Or, tap the magnifying glass icon twice to search on a keyword.

Tip 5: Rotate your phone to get a 7-day view

  • Open your calendar and rotate your phone.

Tip 6: Plan a New Event

  1. On your calendar, long hold to select a time for your event.

  2. Add the event details and select the checkmark at the top to schedule it.

Tip 7: Add a charm to your event

  • When adding a New Event, add the word call, meeting, or coffee in the Title to add a charm.

Tip 8: Swipe or tap to find a time

  1. When adding a New Event, tap Date, select a date, and swipe left to see the calendar.

  2. Tap the date at the top to go back.

Tip 9: Jump to your date

  • In the calendar, tap the date to show a monthly calendar.

    When you select another date, the calendar icon at the bottom right fans forward for future dates, and fans back for past dates. Tap to return to today.

Tip 10: Set automatic replies by account

  1. Tap the menu in the upper left.

  2. Tap the gear icon in the lower left.

  3. Tap an account and then tap Automatic replies.

  4. Move the Automatic replies slider to the right to turn it on, add your message. and tap the checkmark.

  5. Select OK.

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