The ARRAYTOTEXT function returns an array of text values from any specified range. It passes text values unchanged, and converts non-text values to text.

Note: This is one of several beta features, and currently only available to a portion of Office Insiders at this time. We'll continue to optimize these features over the next several months. When they're ready, we'll release them to all Office Insiders, and Microsoft 365 subscribers.


ARRAYTOTEXT(array, [format])

The ARRAYTOTEXT function syntax has the following arguments.





The array to return as text.



The format of the returned data, one of two values:

  • 0   Default. Concise format that is easy to read. The text returned will be the same as the text rendered in a cell that has general formatting applied.

  • 1   Strict format that includes escape characters and row delimiters. Generates a string that can be parsed when entered into the formula bar. Encapsulates returned strings in quotes except for Booleans, Numbers and Errors.


  • The concise format returns a list of values inside one cell, whereas the strict format returns an array of the same size and shape as the input.

  • If format is anything other than 0 or 1, ARRAYTOTEXT returns the #VALUE! error value.

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