You can use the Tasks app in Teams to manage your team's work, either creating task lists yourself in Shared lists, or using task lists published to you by upper management to pass on to your frontline workers. 

Task sources in Teams

You can assign all these tasks in Teams, and people who are assigned tasks can indicate in the Tasks app when they start and complete a task. The whole team can view team progress on completing the list of tasks, and managers who send you published task lists can track progress of those tasks—both whether they've been assigned and how close to complete they are. 


When you sign in to Teams and select the Tasks app, you'll get notification if your team received a new task list, in your Activity feed.

  1. On the All your lists page, select Tasks under Shared plans on the left.  

    Note: Tasks that are part of shared plans, not published lists, aren't listed in the general Tasks list. Instead, each plan is listed under Shared plans—just select a plan to see its tasks, assign them, and so on.

    Under Task title you’ll see a list of all the tasks for your team, both published tasks and shared plans. Published tasks are marked with a hierarchy icon. 

    The Tasks (General) task list

    Note the column headings: Assigned toPriorityDue, and Bucket. You can sort the list by any of those headings to focus on different aspects of your team’s work. For example, you may want to sort by Priority to assign the highest priority tasks first, or by Assigned to to view the workload of each staff member.

  2. Select a task title to view task details, and assign it by selecting the Assign to icon and then selecting a name. If you don’t see the name you want, begin typing it. 
    Assign a task in Teams

    For published lists, you can edit any of the detail fields except for the task title and notes. You can't delete published tasks. 

You can assign up to 11 people to a task. They will all see the task in their Assigned to you list when they open Tasks.

When any team member marks a task “Complete”, it is marked complete for all team members. 

In addition to the list, your team’s tasks can be viewed as a board, chart, or schedule on a calendar. All these views include all of your team’s tasks, whether published or not. 

  • The Board shows your team’s task by bucket.

Board view of Tasks in Teams
Select a task to view or edit the details. 
To switch a task from one bucket to another, simply drag it to the new bucket. 

  • The Charts provide a visual summary of the plan and its progress.

  Charts view of Tasks in Teams

  • The Schedule presents the tasks by due date, in a weekly or monthly view.

  Schedule view of Tasks in Teams
Select a task to view or edit the details. 

Select ListBoardCharts, or Schedule at the top of the Planner window to switch between them. 

Do you want to see only the tasks due next week on the schedule calendar? Or just menswear and womenswear department tasks on the board? Or tasks with the word “Inventory” in the title? Filters offer a handy way to see exactly what you want to, on any of the available views. 

Select Filter in the top right of the page and select as many options as you need. Or type a keyword. Or do both!  

The options remain selected when you switch from List to Charts to Board and back again. 

To de-select a filter, select the option again. Or select Clear to start over. 

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