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There are many ways to effectively organize and manage your business in Teams. From dividing your business into smaller groups to setting up recurring meetings, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips to help you use Teams more effectively.

Using groups effectively

Work is more collaborative when we’re all together. We find that organizing people into separate group chats is a great way of sorting people in your organization. For example, you can create a group just for your sales team to help them manage their leads and communicate with each other. You can also create one big group to host your entire business. This is particularly useful for making company-wide announcements or if you need to update everyone with a single message. More on that later…

Pinning groups and chats

Want to keep your eye on a specific chat? Pin any group or chat to the top of your chat list, that way you’ll never lose track of it again. This is also a great way of staying close to groups and chats that you often interact with. 

Do more with chat

There are many things you can do in chat to keep your workplace running smoothly and efficiently. For example, did you know you can get your coworker’s attention in Teams by using @mentions. Just type ‘@’ followed by their name and they’ll be notified in their activity feed that you’ve mentioned them in a message. You can also use multiple @mentions in a single chat message to get multiple people’s attention at the same time.

Stylize your messages by making use of built-in formatting options. This is great if you’re looking to add emphasis to any message or make a big announcement to the whole group. Try it out by selecting Format  Format button in Teams  below the compose box.

Chat formatting

You can do all kinds of things such as create headings, color-code highlights, and even create whole tables right from inside your chat message.

Tip: By default, pressing Enter in the compose box will send your message while Shift+Enter will insert a line break. However when the compose box is expanded, pressing Enter will always insert a line break so you'll need to press Send  Send button to send your message.

Schedule recurring meetings

If you need to meet with the same person or group on a regular basis, why not try setting up a recurring meeting with them. When you go to create a new meeting, you'll be able to make it repeat every day, week, or set your own custom recurrence.

One useful thing to know about recurring meetings, is that no matter how many times it takes place, it will always use the same meeting chat. That means, you’ll always be able to refer back to previous notes and chat messages from previous occurrences of the meeting.

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