Can't see scheduling or free/busy information for meeting attendees

It can be very difficult to schedule a meeting with someone if you can't check their calendar and free/busy information to know if they are available. There are several reasons why you might not be able to see someone's free/busy information.

  • The attendee isn't in your organization. Outlook can't show free/busy or scheduling information for someone who isn't part of your organization.

  • You're creating a meeting in a calendar that isn't part of your organization. For example, if you have a Microsoft 365 email account and a Gmail account set up in Outlook, and you use the Gmail email address as the From address in the meeting request, you won't be able to see free/busy information for attendees. Change the From field to your Microsoft 365 or organizational email account.

  • Outlook has a limit on the number of attendees in a distribution list that it can display free/busy information for. If you try to add a distribution list that is too large, the free busy check will fail. Expanding the distribution list might allow outlook to recover the free/busy information for the attendees.

  • Outlook has a limit on the number of attendees in a meeting that it can show Free/Busy information for. Create a second meeting to check free/busy information for a smaller set of individuals.

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