Linked data types

Convert text to a linked data type in Excel (preview)

Convert text to a linked data type in Excel (preview)

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Getting reliable data into your Excel workbook about subjects like cities, foods, animals, constellations, and more, has never been easier. With linked data types, you can insert and work with reliable data from trusted online data sources, just like the Stocks and geography data types. Microsoft has partnered with Wolfram Alpha to provide rich, interesting facts and data on numerous subjects that you can use and refresh—all without leaving Excel.

Note: Linked data types from Wolfram Alpha are currently only available to Excel for Microsoft 365 subscribers with the English editing language added to your Office Language Preferences. We are gradually rolling this feature out, so if you would like to use it now, you must be in the Beta channel.

Try it!

  1. In an Excel workbook, enter specific identifying text into separate cells. We recommend grouping subjects together in a single column with a header row.

    Tips: For data types like Food or Activity, you can add modifiers to the text that you convert to get more specific results.

    • Food data type: Include modifiers like quantity or serving size. For example: "3 eggs" or "5 oz linguine".

    • .Activity data type: Include modifiers like time or physical characteristics to get calories burned. For example: "Running for 10 minutes" or "140 lbs female swimming for 30 minutes".

  2. Select the cells and go to Insert > Table to convert to a table. Check the box for My table has headers if you've added them.

  3. Select the text to convert in the table. Go to Data and in the Data Types group, select Automatic. If you see a Question mark icon in the cell, you'll have to use the Data Selector to specify the data type you want.

    Tip: If you already know what data type to use, you can select it from the dropdown gallery. Specifying this can help Excel better match your text and retrieve the correct data. Find out what linked data types are available in Excel.

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