Copy a table or table text from another program in Publisher

Copy a table or spreadsheet from Word or Excel

  1. Open the table or spreadsheet you want to copy.

  2. Select the cells you want, and then press CTRL+C to copy them.

  3. Open Publisher.

  4. Press CTRL +V to paste the cells.

    The copied table or spreadsheet appears in Publisher as a table.

Note: Publisher has a limit of 128 rows and 128 columns in a table. If you try and import or copy a table into Publisher that exceeds those limits, Publisher will prevent you from importing or copying the table. Reduce the number of rows and columns in your data before trying to import or copy the table into Publisher,

Copy table text from any Microsoft Windows-based program

  1. Open the program that contains the text you want.

    If the text isn't already in a table, press TAB between each entry in a row, and ENTER at the end of each row.

  2. Select the text, and then press CTRL+C to copy it.

  3. In Publisher, click Insert > Table > Insert Table.

  4. In your publication, click where you want the table to appear.

    The Create Table dialog box will appear.

  5. Enter the number of rows and columns you want, and then click OK.

  6. Click inside the table where you want the upper-left cell of the copied text to appear.

  7. Click Home > Paste > Paste Special.

  8. In the As list, click Table Cells Without Cell Formatting, and then click OK.

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