Create a blank table in Power Pivot

In Power Pivot, you can add a blank, empty table to a data model. Blank tables that don’t contain any actual data can be a good way to organize measures, making them easier to find in PivotTable and Power View Field lists. For example, you can create a table named Sales Measures that contains only measures that calculate sales data. You can create measures in the Sales Measures table’s calculation area just as you would any other table. You can then hide blank columns from client tools, exposing only your measures in Field lists.

To add a blank table to the data model

  1. In Excel, right click on an empty cell in an existing or new worksheet, and then click Copy.

  2. In Power Pivot, click Paste or press Cntrl+V to open the Paste Preview dialog box.

  3. In Paste Preview, in Table Name, type a table name.

  4. Leave Use first row as column headers checked, and then click OK.

You will now have a new table with a single column with no data in it. You can hide the new blank column; right-click on the column header, and then click Hide from client. You can also delete the blank Excel worksheet you copied the blank cell from.

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